FF7 Story Nitpicking

It’s been a while since I played FF7… someone has been contacting me saying that the events which I claim take place “on or around 15 years ago”, particularly the Jenova Project, Sephiroth’s birth, and the Gi tribe invasion, actually took place before that. Anyone know a bit more definitively? Or perhaps have a copy of the game script lying around they can consult? The current version I have of the story is here:

Here’s a plot FAQ including a timeline. and here’s the game script. They’re from Gamefaqs, so credit to the autors and stuff.

The Jenova Project was started at least 22 years before the game events. The videos in Gast’s house at the snow town place (Icicle Inn? I forget the exact name) show that ShinRa arrived when Aeris was merely days old. The game manual states that she’s 22 years old, hence my timeframe guess. It’s possible the project started even earlier, as I believe someone in the game (I forget who and where) says that Gast left ShinRa because he realized that Jenova wasn’t an ancient but a monster (this is probably around the time he met Ifalna). So perhaps the Jenova Project is even older… 25-30 years before the game events, perhaps?

Sephiroth was imbued with Jenova cells, so he could be anywhere from 22-30 years old. Since Sephiroth was a normal baby infused with Jenova cells, he couldn’t be any older than the Jenova Project. It fits well with his character, as he seemed to be 20something in the Nibelheim flashback, and that was 5 years before the game events.

This also means that Vincent has been hidden in that basement for at least 20 years, for those who like to keep track of such things.

The Gi Tribe invasion probably happened a lot longer than 15 years before the game. Nanaki was a baby at the time, or at least a very young child. He’s 48 in the game, and I don’t care how ‘young’ that makes him in ‘human years’, the fact is that beyond the infant stage of life he’d have some form of memory. And I’m fairly certain he said he was too young then to remember the attack. Most people start gaining memories at around 3 or 4 years old, and if Nanaki really does age as slowly as we’re expected to believe (3x slower, as 48 represents 16), then he should have memories by age 9-12. And that puts the Gi attack almost 40 years in the past… which would explain why most people in Cosmo Canyon don’t talk about it except for the Elders. Because they probably weren’t around, or just infants and children themselves.

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Well anyway, I think the poster above outlined the whole thing rather nicely- I’ll just add that Sephiroth mentions that he knew Gast, so he must have been with him for a while before Gast ran off.

Um, while I’m here, can I poke at something else in the timeline?

It’s about the Cetra- the first entry says

Many Years Ago:

* The Cetra, a magical race, arrive on the planet after a long and arduous journey. Some Cetra (later known as Ancients) choose to continue their journey, whilst others settle down and eventually become humans. A few true Cetra still survive, however.

But the in-game information says that the Cetra-

“All I know is…”
“The Cetra were born from the Planet, speak with the Planet, and
unlock the Planet.”
“And… then…”
“The Cetra will return to the Promised Land. A land that promises
supreme happiness.”

So, apart from a badly translated line by Sephiroth “Cetra was a
itinerant race. They would migrate in, settle the Planet, then move on…” which can also be translated (at least according to http://www.ff7citadel.com/gameinfo/textfiles/kalm.txt) as

I will explain to you.
This planet belonged to the Setra. Setras were nomads…they
travel…they unlock the planet… and they travel again. After their
long and painful journey, they reach the Promised Land and find their
final happiness.

Nothing suggests that the Cetra came from anywhere except the Planet itself (coming from the Lifestream). Their “harsh, hard journey” was their life settling the Planet, and them finding their Promised Land was, presumably, their return to the Lifestream. At the very least, they didn’t arrive on the Planet after a “harsh, hard journey”.

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According to the official timeline that came with the Japanese FF7 International, The Jenova Project was instigated 30 years ago, and Sephiroth was born two years later, meaning that he is 28 years old during the events of the game. Vincent also was put in the coffin in the same year as Sephiroth was born/created/whatever.

The Gi tribe attacked Cosmo Canyon whilst Red XIII was still a “child” so even given his races’ extended longevity, it would be safe to say that it happened at least 30 years ago. In fact, I agree with Captain Vittles’ theory that it was probably nearer 40.

Was that before or after Tifa got implants?

before the second set, after the first