FF7 sequel in the works?

A friend of mine, who’s a Quality Assurance supervisor for Midway, has gotten hold of a rumour that there will be a sequel to FF7. Yes, a game, not the FF7: AC movie.

Joel heard about this from a former co-worker who now works for SquareUSA. The only details we have are that the game takes place shortly after the destruction of Meteor, Shinra plays a higher role, and that the FF7 main characters do not seem to be the focus of the story.

Anyone else heard about this? I’ve scoured the net and can’t find anything, and we’re all excited.

There have been rumors galore about this, mainly from overly hopeful fanboys. However, other than the two FF7 projects already announced (Advent Children and Before Crisis), there are no official plans for another sequel.

Personally I’m never really one for rumors, since any of them that are true will be confirmed months before I can personally get my hands on anything. 8p My advice is always to wait and see.

I heard that Vincent will play the role of the protagonist in some FF7 spinoff or something. :dancer:

Don’t hold your breath.

No, he’s right, I think. I seem to recall seeing Vincent (as a Turk) in shots of FF7 Before Crisis.

Well… I have heard talk about another FF7 thing in the works, aside from AC and BC.

There’s been “talk” for years about this kind of thing. 8p Talk means absolutely nothing. There have been no press releases, screenshots, demos, etc. about it.

I’ve heard of the Vincent spin-off as well. Isn’t scheduled to come out for the PSP?

What Joel was told is that none of the original cast, including Vincent, were mentioned, but Shinra was. Keep in mind that this came from an employee of Squaresoft.

However, we’re now wondering if this was a ‘what-if’ conversation that started in the SquareUSA smoking lounge.

Like I said: Rumors are worthless. Wait for press releases and/or screenshots.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Cid and Miltank. Rumors pop up all the time, so don’t get your hopes up.

Or Cid… Cos hes got contacts on the Inside that tell us that most people don’t get even after the game is realised.

Big Nutter
Just check an Interview

Eh, don’t overestimate my contacts. It’s not like people tell me whenever juicy stuff comes up. They do have to watch their PR. If they don’t want people knowing about particular things, they certainly aren’t going to tell me about them. Like I said, just wait for the press releases.

Hope this cleares some doubts.

Yes there is definitely going to be a sequel called Advent Children. :hahaha; There are screenshots and stuff out. The story focuses on Cloud although as far as I can see most of the original cast will appear and a lot of them have new outfits. There are three new evil guys as well who have Sephiroths silver hair and so could be clones as well as one mystery villain who is only seen wearing a long white robe. It could be Sephiroth, Hojo, Jenova, Rufus or, in fact, just about anything. Cool topic for debate: And the mystery villain is… :thinking:

We know about Advent Children (that’s the first FF7 project) and Before Crisis (that’s the second one). We were discussing rumors about a third one, which are currently just rumors.

Yes, thanks…a bit of advice, read the post before replying to it.

Mastermune, I can’t find anything about that, anywhere. If you have linkage to more official sources, please post them.

That article (if you can really call a paragraph an article), is not much to go on. It could have easily been based on a rumour, or some inaccurate interpretation of information about one of the other two.

For the only two that have been oficially confirmed has been AC and BC. And that is that.

Ive only heard about AC and BC, which by the way sucks ass with its going to cell phones only. A few years ago I heard about something like a Final Fantasy television series, as well as a live action movie. But then again, these are rumors. Of course rumor stands for R. U. M.orons, oR. S.hitheads? :slight_smile:

There are Two FF Tv Series, One is FFU Which You can buy a Dubbed version in the US and UK(The UK is currently waiting for Disk 4 out of 5), more info at http://www.ffudvd.com/ or the FFC site. The other is in Cid’s words Not really worth watching and Slighy Based on FF5 and was short Like 4 episodes.

Big Nutter
Live action: Nearest thing would be FF: The Spirts Within. Some people thought that it was live action/ F/X film by the trailers. I did until some the presenter on the show said All CG.