FF7 overworld models closeup

Hiya! I figure if there’s anyone who would know this, they’d be here ^_~

I’m looking for parts in FF7 where the low polygon world models are near to the camera - Preferably a point later in the game where the two characters with you ‘split out’ out of cloud so you can choose who’s there…

To give a better idea of what I mean than my terrible explanation, here are the parts I’ve found so far… I’m sure there are other scenes than these for these characters, but these are just what I used

Cloud - The nibelheim flashback, when he’s in the truck, is a really good scene - He’s close to the camera for all of it and you get control of him so you can put him in whatever angle you want.

Tifa - After beating Hojo on the mako cannon, there’s the very long cutscene where cloud tells everyone to go off and find what they’re fighting for. After cloud and tifa are left alone, there’s a romantic scene where they talk, and tifa’s right next to the camera for the whole thing (Though it’s only from one angle, haven’t found a closeup behind her)

Aeris and Red XIII- Trickier, the best one I’ve found is just after you meet Red XIII and fight the monster there, when the group’s talking to each other. Red and Aeris are both fairly near the camera at several different angles.

Cid - When you first meet Cid in the corridor of the shinra rocket

Barret - The cutscene on the train before the security check, when he scares the shinra businessman

So far I haven’t been able to find any decent closeups at all of Vincent, Yuffie or Cait Sith, but it’s been a while since I played FF7 all the way through so I’m just going on memory… Can anyone think of anything?

Incidentally, it’s not the battle models, FMV models or concept art that I mean - know there’s plenty of that readily available (Even on this site!), it’s the low polygon models in paticular I’m looking for (The superdeformed ones)

I could be wrong, but the temple of the ancients (or whatever the place is called where it turns into the black materia) might have some good spots for cait sith, when he’s going back to sacrifice himself or something. Not sure though.