FF7 Movie?

I keep hering about it and have been for a long LONG time. When is it coming out? Does anyone know?

Nobody knows.

Sometime this year. Maybe you should look through a few of the threads that have “Advent Children” or “Trailer” in the titles.

Man, how good is that movie gonna be?! Does anyone know if it’ll be a cinema release over here in britain, or just a DVD?

Just DVD everywhere. Not worth theatrical release (rather, not worth the risk seeing as how the last one flopped).

But FF7 owns you. It’ll be big.

There’s actually talk now of making it into a theatrical release. But as has been said, there’s nothing concrete yet.


Square-Enix’s action figure line based on the movie Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children were on display at the Kotobukiya Booth at the US ToyFair…
From the popular video game series Final Fantasy comes Advent children that follow on 2 years after Final Fantasy 7 which sold over 6 million units worldwide

New from Square Enix is Final Fantasy Advent Children products that will tie in with the brand new CGI movie due out in the USA later this year with a limited cinema release then a full impact DVD launch after.

Square-Enix will be releasing 3 figures through Kotobukiya in the US with an assortment of:
Vincent Valentine
Tifa Lockheart

These will retail for around $20, but a release date has yet to be confirmed

I want Tifa :wink:

It’s gonna be waaaaay better than the previous FF movie… that’s for sure. I was hoping that they’ll have theatrical release… cause I wanna watch it on the BIG SCREEN!

If it goes beg screen that would be awesome. I think the movie is gonna rock anyway, but in a theater? Crazy big screen with super soround sound would make it even more better.

I think it’s really unfair. TSW got released on the big screen everywhere, even in my country. They should do the same with AC.

Why do you want Tifa? Wouldn’t it be the same as holding two tennis-balls together?

Speaking of Tifa, here are some AC action figures from the US Toyfare:
She doesn’t look as hot as I thought she would. Visible joints are not very aesthetic, but heck I still want her. Maybe I’ll fix her a Matrix style coat :wink:

Cloud and his bike.

More photos of AC figures.