FF7 Chocobo Ability

in the ff7 shrine it says that you can get an enemy skill ability from certain chocobos

ive never seen it and dont think that chocobos attack ( which is how you normally get ES abilities)

so how do you get it???

As I recall, you have to cast Lv. 4 Suicide on a chocobo with a level divisible by four. He’ll then cast Chocobuckle, a very weak Enemy Skill. But I got it anyway,t o complete my set.

Right, but I think you have to feed the Chocobos a certain green first (Mimmett I think) then cast Lv. 4 Suicide while the bird’s munchin’. I dunno, maybe you don’t need the green . . . but some Chocobos you can learn it from are found in the Mideel area.

oh, and Valkyrie: Chocobuckle is FAR from weak, but making it stronger takes quite a lot of work. Every time you run from a battle, Chocobuckle takes out 1 more HP worth of damage. So if you run from 9999 battles, you got a spell that can inflict 9999HP for only about 3MP.

Bleh, I never bothered with the Enemy SKill Materia. The only time I ever used it was when I used Trine on Yuffie’s dad.

Oh, how Trine came in handy in many a situation.

Yea, Trine is hella useful. It helped me beat lost numbers pretty early in the game.

Now, I like Beta, White Wind, and Magic hammer, too. They’re all very useful, especially considering how WW also dispels all negative status effects.

I never really found Magic Hammer to be useful. I didn’t usually find any good opportunities to use it.

So you have to cast lv 4 sucide on them.

ok now i have to get someone with lv 4


thanks all

Yeah there are useful enemy skills, but some are just not worth the hasel of getting them. I didn’t bother for getting any on my last time through, but I didn’t really want or need them.

It was always a challenge for me. I like to go through every FF with everything as perfect as possible. So, i get as many mastered materia/classes/attributes/whatever as possible for each character, collect at least one of every item possible, and also get every Blue Mage spell there is. So far, FFVI’s the only one I haven’t been able to do all that with.

The only Final Fantasy I bother getting everything in is FF7 (gold Chocobo, beating Weapons, master materia, all limits, Lv99, etc.) But I just don’t have that kind of patience for any other FFs. I don’t use Blue Mages, playing Triple Triad or Tetra Master 10 times with every NPC you see gets a little annoying, and getting job points for the classes in FF3/5/Tactics and getting all the abilities is to much time for me.

I LOVE Enemy Skill! 8D Big Guard makes most boss battles jokes. Trine and Beta are great for regular battles (and getting enough kills to get the next Limit Break). Magic Hammer is also pretty good. White Wind is great (heals HP and status). The last few (Angel Whisper, Shadow Flare, Pandora’s Box) kick ass as well. So…yeah, really nice stuff there. 8p

Finally another person who truly appreciates how useful things like White Wind and Big Guard can be! hugs Cid

Big Guard?! White Wind?! Never leave home without them! They’re among the best spells in the history of FF!

I never really bothered with the enemy skills materia, and I got on just fine. Then again, if I play it again sometime, I’ll probably take longer to explore different things in the game…(e.g. this time, get Knights of the Round)…then again, that’d mean getting my own copy, and I happen to be…ahem…broke at the moment. :frowning:

white wind is especially useful. but i’ve also found beta to be an excellent enemy skill, even late in the game.

White Wind, Angel Whisper, Beta, Magic Breath, Magic Hammer, Shadow Flare, ???, Pandora’s Box, Trine, Aqualung, and Big Guard are all of my favorites. I make sure all of my Enemy Skill materias got at least these skills (except Shadow Flare).

hey, just checkin’, there’s only three Enemy Skill Materias in the game, right?

As far as I know, yep. Oh, and Goblin Punch is really useful too if your Limit meter is full and you don’t want to use an attack. It’s basically a regular attack without using any MP (and long-range, too!).