US release delayed to the holidays sigh. 4 more months.

Great. I have a friend who’ll cry tears of blood :frowning:


I was just thinking of how funny it would be if someone closed this thread for being in the wrong forum. Instead of moving it, that is.

Its a movie not a video game.

I think he meant putting it in the FF Forum, especially since there is already a thread about this there.

Same link too!!

I think the Mods may let this thread slide since THEY STARTED IT!!

Is the japanese release still on schedule?

Dev: from what I can understand, yes.

sniff don’t cry, big boys don’t cry.sniff

:moogle: Oh god. pulls out umbrella


If the Japanese release is on schedule, there <b>will</b> be fansubs within a week.

Exactly why i asked :stuck_out_tongue:

Dev, if you get done downloading it via torrent first, seed it for me.
If I get it first, I’ll seed it for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Please, let me know if/when you guys find it. I’ll have no problem seeding afterwards.

I thought the exact same thing as you guys. I’m surprised the good people at Square and Sony are so dense that they don’t realize this.

Wot an Idiot… Uk sales of FF7 AC are suffering already…

I beleve Q1 2006 was the date.

Precisely what I thought when I first heard this days ago.

Square is hedging on the belief that the average person is too lazy and conventional to look for a fansub. They may be right.

so what official date has been set for advent calendar?

Japanese: mid september. US: sometime in a few months, nothing definite.

Fansubs =D