FF7:AC 3rd Trailer

OK The Offical Site is now showing 3 trailers. The Most recent, Features Zack (The SOLDIER Cloud thought he was) and Jap voices. All the playable cast appears with execption to Reeve/Cait Sith, of course Turks Rude and Reno make an appearance.

The site: http://www.square-enix.co.jp/dvd/ff7ac/

It’s a long one 5 Mins. You need flash and and a resonbly quick PC.

Big Nutter
I think It’s Zack, Soldier outfit and hair is like the art work in FFC with a more human tweek like Clouds been. And unlike KH, Cid is heard. “Yarrg”. And Red XIII isn’t.

God I wanna see AC.

Same here, but I think they’ve show enough footage to pretty much give away the entire movie.

Looks like Cloud has some major Dragonball Z moves going on…

The Flower Girl’s voice seems Perfect.

And Zack’s too. Pity they’re in Japanise.

I’ve been sold on it from the beginning, but one of the trailers nearly made me cry…they played a few seconds of the Overworld Theme (which I find extremely touching, for some reason), and then that scene with Cloud back-to-back with Aeris…

I hope this movie wraps up FFVII like FFX-2 did for X: happily, with all you ever wanted to see.

I will watch it knowing that If I don’t like it, it’s still better than the other FF movie.

OK, that just made me want to see the movie… alot more than anything I’ve seen so far… Especially when I saw Barret’s gun, and when Cid showed up… goddamn I want to see it now.

Did any one had this reaction after watching The Spirits Within? :wink:

It took about a few seconds before the crowd exploded in applause and screams.
Sorry if I deafened a few people, I just couldn’t resist screaming a few times. (which I still want to do, a few days later)

Montreal screaner 3 months ago.

This could be better than any fantasy genre movie.

No. I thought it was a good film, but not great.

TSW wasn’t bad. It wasn’t god’s gift to the world, but it wasn’t bad.

That quote was from Shadowgirl, a member of Advent Children.net, describing the movie (AC screener in Montreal) and her after-thoughts. I read that and some posts referring to TSW. I couldn’t help myself trying to compare both AC and TSW. I didn’t see AC, just read descriptions of screeners (Montreal and Venice).
But that audience reaction in Montreal… wow.
When I went to see TSW, it was almost total silence as the film ended. Maybe a polite applause from a few.
I am certain AC will be great.

TSW was a bad movie…bad ending for a bad story line…i personaly couldnt wait for the movie to come out when i heard about it and when it did,i was truely disapointed…they should of stuck with the ff theme of a world with magic, swords, powers and that kind of junk… they could of made the first animated trilogy… but i will give them a second chance to redeem themselves with FF AC…i mean they only picked the best ff game t make a movie out of…to be continued

Your thread seems extremely strange considering I posted a thread about the fourth trailer five days ago.

You even posted in it.

FFC BBS NewB: do da do doo casts Life2 on thread

Pierson: WTF, BlokeCasts meteo on thread

Big_Dizzy: continues writing shitty dialogue

Now we have 3 AC threads going?
Oh well, since BigNutter was the first out of the gate, his thread has a priority.
1-UP.com has March 14 as a release date for AC. There is no confirmation of that from Square Enix. So it could be just pure speculation, or wishful thinking, or leaked information. Anyways, even if that date is right, it would be for a Japanese release only.
Tetsuya Nomura posted an article on the Shin-Ra website about two weeks ago. I read the translation here

Good stuff!

Also, there’s another thing I’d like to inform you all. Well, more
like I’ve got a bomb to drop…

It seems like it juuuuust might exceed 90 mins now…

Domo arigato!
His puppets (SE representatives) got on my nerves when playing around with numbers re: the length of AC at the Montreal screener – it was 80 minutes long, then 70 and even 60min.
Now, the big man says it’s 90 min plus. Hallelooya! In this case every minute counts. I want more battle scenes, more love scenes, more flashbacks, more slow motion replays, more…

As for the date of release, cost (and such), and what to include as expansion are still being decided upon, and there being no further plans for a preview, whether or not this should be shown on the big screen for the benefit of the moviegoers amongst you guys, is also being considered.

Big screen?
That would be perfect! I will get a DVD of AC no matter what. But the first time I’ll see Advent Children, it should be a special occasion, a “happening”. I want to see it with a bunch of friends, huge screen, huge sound, huge pop-corn (no, fk pop-corn), I want the crowd around me to clap and scream and tap their feet ( like they did at Montreal screening of AC). And as soon as the first note of “One Winged Angel” plays, I want everybody to stand up and light their candles. :wink:

I agree with most of what Seifer said, except that I’ll slit the throat of anyone who as much as coughs while the movie is on.

Is the remastered version of One Winged Angel (The one you hear in the trailers) available somewhere?

It could be on the offical S-E OST/remix disks. I would check www.vgamp.com and request each FF7 that isn’t on the OST. I think it’s on the Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks. You can down load it on Gamespy/IGN/Fileplanet as an MP3 as long as you have a Freepass. They probably tempt you to spend cash by getting you insert cash Card details, you don’t need to.

Big Nutter
If you want the CD try www.gamemusic.com or FFC’s own store.

The moderators need to merge all Final Fantasy VII ~ Advent Children threads into one universal thread about Final Fantasy VII ~ Advent Children . (But don’t let me tell you how to do your job; you thought of it yourself even before I posted, yes?)

ahem :fungah:

This will be the first movie I will actually go to a theatre, or buy on DVD, since Final Fantasy ~ The Spirits Within. And before that was Star Wars Episode II ~ Clone Wars. And before that even was Star Wars Episode I ~ The Phantom Menace. And before that still, I don’t even remember. Needless to say, I don’t really see movies. And from the looks of it, it will finally be well worth it.

Now, I just wish I knew whether the movie is going to be dubbed in English, presented in the original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles, or both. I’m pushing for the Japanese dialogue version with English subtitles, myself. They’ll probably end up making all of the characters sound horrible if they do English voices for it. :fungah:

Chances are that they’ll probably do the same as with TSW.

The different trailors were in different languages. Englich, Japanese, I think there was even one in Russian.