FF7/8 PC Releases

Just trying to see if we got this right… is it true that there were no PC releases of FF7 or FF8 in Japan, just the US? That doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me… ^^; Sat or Hiryuu, you guys probably know.

It doesn’t make sense to me either.

I’d heard something about that, it seems strange to me.

I haven’t heard anything in the past implying JP releases of the PC versions. As far as I know, Eidos was in charge of the PC conversion, and had some control over the PC rights, and didn’t release the game in Japan. I’ve heard in the past of an EU release of FFVII PC, but have seen no evidence.

Eidos did, however, release FFVIII for PC in Europe. That’s odd, as Eidos had nothing to do with the games production (Electronic Arts did the conversion in house).

That’s all I’ve got. At least, that’s all I can confirm. FFVII PC in US courtesy Eidos, FFVIII PC in US courtesy EA (technically Square EA), and in EU courtesy Eidos. Hiryuu can correct me if I’m wrong.

As far as this not making sense, remember that the PC games market is no where near as big in Japan as it is in the United States. Prior to the MMORPG explosion, Japanese PC gaming consisted almost entirely of dating sims (or hentai dating sims… -_-). A few high selling PC games from the US are brought to Japan (notably, Capcom translated and released the Diablo games, Counterstrike and the Grand Theft Auto series), but most Japanese people didn’t use them for gaming. Along similar lines, online games in Japan weren’t very popular until broadband internet became more popular, as even local calls in Japan can merit charges by the minute, much like long distance calls in other areas.

I heard about it too, but it was from a couple of friends who normally dont know what they are talking about.

I know FFVII was not releasd for PC in Japan, and I’m certain it was at least imported on PC to Europe. Whether there was actually a European release or not, I’m uncertain.
VIII, I have no idea.

It’s true that Japan did not get Final Fantasy VII for PC. They did, however, get Final Fantasy Eight for PC, which if you need proof, there’s pictures of the packaging here: http://warmech.net/ff8/ff8.html

Not sure how accurate this is, it lists an incorrect date for the American PC release.

Well, it definitly was released here in Europe, I have it. >_>

And it’s on the official list of all Japanese games published by Square and/or Enix.
October 3, 2000.
(although I disupte a couple dates on S-E’s NA list, though that’s a topic in itself)

That’s enough proof for me. Looks like FFVIII was in all three regions. FFVII seems to be US only.

It’s right within a month. That’s doesn’t dissolve the accuracy of the other information.

I wouldnt call “within a month” accurate as far as release dates go. All the others I have are pinpointed to the day. And I’ve looked on gamefaqs and wikipedia and cant find evidence for the quoted pc release dates.

They’re probably going on S-E’s internal release figures. FFVIII for PC was released early for PC (I remember getting a call from the EB saying it was in way before I was expecting it). Either way, the release dates aren’t what’s important, it’s the fact that the games were released, and there are scans to prove that.