FF6 question...

I got a pretty good idea at the answer of this but I just want to make sure.

How is the strength of the Atma weapon (the sword, not the boss…) determined?

The Atma Weapon’s damage is based on your character’s max HP.

Actually, isn’t it based on current hp as well? For example, if you’re dying, it does poor damage i believe.

I’m not sure. It’s been a while since I played it. I really don’t think so though.

i’m pretty sure it’s based on current hp, otherwise nobody would ever notice a fluctuation, people would just think that their character was stronger. i believe the final weapons in ffX were also somewhat based on current hp, though i’m not sure which other games had weapons like this.

You’re really wrong. It’s based entirely on current hp. It has nothing to do with max hp.

Well, other than the fact that max hp is a limiting factor of current hp.