FF6 Glitch

I’m just wondering if anyone else has encountered this.

I’m playing through the PS version of the game. I’ve never finished it before so this is the first time this has happened to me. I’m in Kefka’s tower right at the part when your three parties must hit the second set of three switches. My middle party can move onward to the third set of switches just fine, it’s the other two that are the problem.

I know that you’re supposed to take the other two parties out the doors behind them(Where the weights that you push off once were). And there should be another door for them to go into. But where these doors should be there is nothing but walls.

I’ve tried reloading numerous times. And it doesn’t help. I do have a save from before the tower but i really don’t want to go through it again.

I’m pretty sure there’s a switch somewhere that opens those doors. It’s been a LONG time though.

You might need to take one of your parties backward to hit a different switch. There is no glitch there, but the tower itself can be confusing. Those doors are definitely not automatically opened. You have to hit SOMETHING. That’s all I can tell you.

I did a lot of running back and forth hitting different switches in varying combinations. Nothing worked.

I also referenced a youtube walkthrough. In the walkthrough the guy did exactly what I did and it worked fine for him.

As of right I’m half way through running back through the tower.

Maybe there is a glitch. I played the PSX version a few times and never had it though. You might want to try leaving the tower and re-entering it from the airship. If that doesn’t fix it, I can’t help you.

I went back through the tower. Everything went fine this time, so either it was a one time glitch or I missed something. I’m not really sure.

I thought the whole tower and final boss were a little too easy. I was a bit disappointed. I didn’t feel over leveled. Everyone was in the low to mid 40’s except Sabin and Locke who were at 52 and 50.

That’s the problem with FFVI. Simply doing all the side quests is more than enough to walk all over the final boss and break the game. The worst part of this is that some of the side-quest rewards are just too cool to pass up (like closure on most of the characters’ stories or extra characters).

Yeah FF6 isn’t known for its difficulty. If you want to challenge yourself, you have to impose your own limits, like no esper magic, or low levels.

Leaving the Big Bad to reign with iron fist while you do irrelevant stuff is a risk that pays off. :mwahaha:

I legit almost cried because I didn’t have another save. I found out what to do though. With the part in the center that fought poltergeist, you must go all the way back to the the previous set of 3 switches. Out the double doors there will be a switch there, step on that and the doors will thankfully open on both sides. It’s not a glitch, thank christ. I made an account JUST to share this information. Legit.

Speaking of FF6 glitches…