ff6 fmvs

hi. i’ve seen on this site on the species section that it shows an fmv of some moogles and there are also some other fmvs it shows that says they are from six. i have the uk pal version, do these not appear on it cuz ive only seen the beginning fmv? thanks,

I’ve not seen them on my version. I have the UK Pal version too.

That’s from the FF5 ending movie, actually. There is a scene where it shows the Moogles inside the forest (the “nose”, remember?). There’s also a scene featuring the allmighty Omega, and Hydra versus the Karl Boss.

Aww, man, makes me wish i had been able to finish FFV on Anthology before it got destroyed!@ :frowning:

There are no FMV’s in any UK re-releases apart from at the beginning and end.

i’m not sure about this but i think you unlock a couple of FMV’s after completing the game (i haven’t got round to doing that though.
NOTE: i’m REALLY not sure about this i’m kinda only guessing here.:thud:

Well, when you complete FFV, you see a short FMV about the basis of the story. It ends with a little showdown with X-Death. And when you beat FFVI, you get 2 new movies; one featuring some of the opera scene, as well as Setzer battling some Imperial air troops, and a showdown with Kefka.

For the record, the following characters appear in the FMVs.

Bartz, Reina, Galuf, Faris, Krile, X-Death, Dragon, Moogles, Hydra

Terra, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Shadow, Celes, Setzer, Kefka, Biggs, Wedge

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FF5: Bartz, Reina, Galuf, Faris, Krile, X-Death, Dragon, Moogles, Hydra

and sadly, NONE of the first five look like their sprite counterparts…

square probably had good reason to do that, but still…