FF6 anniversary plug

this is slightly late, but I don’t know if many of you saw a special feature RPGC did commemorating the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VI (III USA). Sephiroth Katana pushed the idea and 984 handled the layouting of most of it. Essayists on the game include:

Dragon God!
Skankin’ Garbage!
Sephiroth Katana!

anyway, look at it here if you want. http://rpgclassics.com/subsites/ff6anniversary/
(obviously there are spoilers within the feature)

this will maybe teach some of you young’uns the power of great gaming!

Yeah I saw that. It was pretty cool, and it was fun reading the essays.

I saw it, it was pretty sweet. :smiley: Good job you guys.

BRAVO! standing ovation
I read it and just added the site(page) to my favorites for future references.
Excellent work guys.

I gotta say that it was pretty impressive, especially SK’s segment. That rocked.

I thought it was excellent! My favorites were SK’s and Merlin’s. Especially Merlin’s, actually. I never thought of how ingrained the FF archetypes were into the series.

Very nice. FF6 is still one of my all-time faves. :cool:

I completely missed it on the 31st. I only read 3 out of them so far, I’m ashamed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Hiryuu’s the best. Really makes me appreciate my copy of VI as well.

And I also read that you bought Illusion of Gaia that day too, Hiryuu. It was (or still is… dunno if you play it from time to time or not) a fun game, isn’t it?