ff6 and mystic quest: people wanting to delete saved data

A friend of mine just got copies of FF6 and Mystic Quest from Ebay… and he’s odd so he wants to delete the saves that are on them. So if anyone knows a safe way to do that, that’d be cool. He has a Game Genie, so if there’s a code that’ll do that, that’d be helpful too.

Dankes! :ulty:

In FF6, you can try the Relm Glitch, but that’s really risky and not very reliable.

Game Genie is the way to go. Normally I’d just shoo you away to GameFAQs now and let you find them for yourself, but I’m feeling pretty generous, so I’ll do that for you:

FF6: 0F9F-E708

Actually, I can’t find one for FFMQ there. But the FF6 one should work.

just goes to show ya that I am a fool :fungah: I didn’t think Gamefaqs would have any of those codes. Anyway, the one for FF6 worked. In fact it was kinda interesting when the battle music never stopped after that first fight in Narshe. o_O I had to turn it off, but when I flipped it back on, it was clear. The same code didn’t work for MQ, but thanks much for the FF6 one.

There’s just something about owning someone elses game with someone elses saves that irritates me :hahaha;

And there’s something about having to post for you that kinda irks me… but I’ll do it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s cause you were on the computer… remember?


Why doesn’t he just start a new game and save over all the files?

Cuz that’d be doing something Nessa suggested -_-

I don’t like having other people’s saved games on my carts, but saving over all three spots with the same game is… I dunno. It just bothers me for some reason :fungah:

Well then just start three new games and use one of them to progress :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually think it’s kinda fun to have other people’s saves, because then you can go in and see how good they were and…stuff and laugh at what they named their characters.

I already looked at his saves… they were high level and all, but he named all his FF6 characters really stupid names… like… ordinary names. Gabe, Dan, and a bunch of other names that were very unoriginal :hahaha; probably his friends names I guess.

I’m going to end up making new games on MQ and naming the hero “FreeGame” or “Empty” -_- better than what he had… “TY?!?” what a fool…