FF5 Omega

I’m playing FF5 again and I was wondering if anyone knows how to beat Omega in the Cleft of Dimension. My party is at level 99 with every class mastered. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

BraveBlade + Ragnarok + Bolt3 MagicSwd + X-Fight


Make 4 Sorcerers with the 2-Swords ability. Also, give them SShot. Equip them with the best swords you can find. Equip Coral Rings to absorb some of his attacks.

On their first turns, use Magic Sword to Bolt3 charge their swords. Once everyone’s charged and ready, let em SShot the boss. 32 hits with lightning elemental swords should do MASSIVE damage to Omega, and you might take him down in 2 rounds.

Thanks guys. That was a lot of help.

Ugh I could never beat him, whats the reward for beating him anyways (if any)

Omega Medal.
It’s a key Item, so it doesn’t do anything.

Will !Slash ever work on him?

Instant death on an impossibly difficult enemy? I think not!!!