FF5 and FF6 coming to the GBA!



Fuck yeah. I just wish the GBA sound chip wasn’t so shitty. Why can’t they make a decent portable with decent sound. Is it so hard?

I need new pants.

Fuck yeah! Awesome. It is good to hear about FF3 for the DS too. I’ll be getting them all, despite having the PSX versions.

… OH yeah.

… wait, FF3’s becoming polygonal!? Man, that’ll be a real change.

sweet! can’t wait to play 'em


:moogle: Yaaaay! I’m a main character again!


Now I just need Earthbound and all will be right with the world.

You mean Earthbound translated. Since it out in Japan part of the Mother 1 + 2 collection.

Anyway, with the news of this and Final Fantasy 4 being released is making the DS the king of rpgs (since all GBA can be played on the DS).

He may be referring to Mother 3, which was announced a while ago for the GBA, but hasn’t come out yet.

And maaaan, Square really knows how to milk their past successes until they can squeeze out every penny… I always would have loved to see them create one last great 2D RPG in a similar style to their later SNES RPGs on the GBA, but instead they decide to re-release ALL their 2D FFs… AGAIN. (maybe that’s a reason why I liked FFTA… because it was actually a new game)

That said, I’m interested to see what exactly they’re going to change with FF4-FF6. And it’s good to hear that FF3’s remake hasn’t fallen off the map.

Putting FF5 on the gba is a greeatt idea. I hope they don’t dumb it down as usual though. The FF5 translation was the hardest FF game I played and that added to the fun.

My guess is it’s a cost issue. Not enough games/gamers would take advantage of it to justify shipping every console with it. It is probably also to conserve power.

My source tells me that the GBA’s sound chip is actually pretty good but it’s the speakers that don’t allow for very good sound. The DS or head phones should be able to clear that up, though.

WOW!! Like, I’ve had them on the PSX for 7 years!

Yeah, but now you can have them … IN YOUR [STRIKE]PANTS![/STRIKE] POCKET!


Okay - now release CT, and Earthbound, and I shall love Nintendo FOREVER!
Not that I already don’t for the quality of those games…


I can vouch for that. All Game boys have a significantly noiceable poorer sound than through cheep head phones. But GBA itself has trouble doing the TOP soundtrack, It’s noitceble, except for “solo” tracks. I think that the sound may not be like the SNES/PSX but it will be close, No matter what you use.

I agree with that. When in public, I turn the sound off. I’m probably going to get a DS eventually, but like Lunar, I can’t imagine actually having to talk to the system (microphone) in public. ::dekar!::
Then again, with the amount of people using hands-free phones, maybe it wouldn’t look so weird.

I think this calls for a celebration.

That’s why you put a cell-phone ear piece in when you play.

Of course, not many games actually use the microphone as of now, but you’ll be having so much fun, that you won’t care what other people think :wink: