FF5 ABP *Possible Spoilers*

So I pick up FF5 (Again) and realize, I forgot where to get good ABP from random battles.

Where’s some of the better places in each world?

In the first world, I found the dinosaur enemies in the forests of Easterly Village pretty helpful for ABP. If I remember correctly, they’re worth 3 ABP per battle.

In the second world, I think the enemies around Moore Village give up about 4 or 5 ABP for battle.

And in the third world, the absolute best ABP gaining spot in the game will be revealed; the Cleft of Dimension! The battles here are worth around 28 ABP at a minumum, and 199 ABP at a maximum! And since there’s a save point in the room where these enemies show up, you can heal up with Cottages and Tents whenever you want!

Hope these helped. You can also take a look at our FF5 shrine’s enemy section. From that page, there’s a link that shows how much each of the game’s 512 different enemy combinations have in terms of ABP.

Have fun! And happy leveling!

Fudge…forgot at exactly what point it is (second world, I think), but in the bastement of one of the castles you can kill statues with Stone-curing items to get 3 or 5 points a battle.

I started to find the Skull Eaters in Jahcol Cave useful, but only when I had a Ninja with Throw.

That was 5 ABP per shot, but usually someone died, so every now and then someone lost out on the points, but the Nut Eaters gave 2 and they were being killed by a simple level 1 spell.

Thanks for the places though!

I’ve got 2 characters at Level 5 Black Mage, one at level 5 White, some powerful characters for level 24.

I transitioned into world 2 at this point, but that’s because I needed to get to level 24 for Lv 4 Gravity, making the last Blue Mage spell I could get in World 1.