FF4 Question...

I’m in the underworld and I’m about to go up against the evil wall or whatever in the sealed cave. I haven’t played this game in years so it’s totally new to me again. At about what levels should I be at up to this point? I haven’t sidetracked to those two other caves yet, but thinking about it soon.

Can you tell me wich version are you playing? because if it is the easy type the you don’t have much to worry about,but if it is the hard type then by all means go to the two extra caves.If you can please post your levels ok.

I have to ask you: does Rydia at least know Virus, or Bio, or whatever it’s called in your game? If so, then you might be ready, but just in case, I suggewst learning Ice 3 too. Makes it go faster.

I don’t know why people have so much trouble with the Evil Wall. The hardest part of the Sealed Cave is making it past all those Trap Doors. If you can make it past them without much trouble, the Evil Wall should be cake.

But if not, here’s a formula that should get you through every RPG in existence (or at least every RPG with a traditional leveling up system). If you lose to the boss, level up a bit and try again. If you still lose to the boss, level up some more and try again. If you still lose to the boss, level up some more and try again. Repeat as necessary.

Easy or hard? Eh I dunno…Im playing it on PS1, does that answer your question?

And no Rydia hasn’t learned any of those…haha. I guess I’m seriously under levelled. Before Kain left he was at level 40 which was my highest, and Edge at 34, at my lowest. The other three were 37-38-ish. I guess I have to put off the two caves for now since I just lost my powerhouse…I can go back to the underworld after the moon, right?

I’m quite lazy when it comes to levelling up. I do it like mad early on in the game but not so much later on. It takes at least 10 battles per level and I’m too antsy to move on. The most I do now is like 2 levels, and not enough to make a huge difference so I don’t bother.

Also, once you learn Float for Rosa, I highly recommend heading through the Sylph Cave and the Cave of Summoned Monsters. You’ll get more EXP, equipment, and 2 new summons.

But you have the same problem I did when I played the game on SNES 5 years back; you’re underleveled. And since you’re playing the Hard Type, you’re DANGEROUSLY underleveled!

To beat the Evil Wall, have Rydia use Bio (or Virus, whatever it is called in that version), have Kain attack (maybe Jump, but Jump takes more time). Edge and Cecil should be berserked for powerful and constant attacks, and Rosa should cast Haste on your team members and Slow on the Wall. Good luck!

Dangerously under levelled? I’ve been fighting all my battles and stuff…the creators must assume that we sidetrack on our own to level up, and I didn’t at that point bah. But I beat the evil wall with a similar method from the FF4 shrine and have made it to the summon place. I’m gonna wait till I get Kain back to beat Asura…that’s the only thing I remember of FF4, how freaking annoying and hard she was.

So I’m on the moon now and can hardly stay alive, so Im doing some uber levelling. At what level should I be when I go back?

And Virus=Bio? Oh well I have that. I thought Virus was a greater version of Bio.

That’s bad news without Asura and Leviathan you can’t get Bahamut which can make life a little easier,try to defeat Asura right now if you can,since is better to get Bahamut with Fu So Ya than Kain,and before you go back to Earth try to get your levels to mid-high 40’s and before fighting the last boss mid 50’s low 60’s that will make it easier on you.

PS:Don’t forget the Excalibur.

Maybe I’m missing something…I thought that once you went to the Moon and got FuSoYa that you’d have to do the Giant of Bab-il immediately upon return to the Earth, with no escaping the plot device possible. Therefore, getting Bahamut using FuSoYa would be impossible unless the other summons had been obtained prior to going to the moon. Am I wrong about this? It’s been a little while since I last played FF4.

yeah but she said she just arrived to the moon so if she still hasn’t got Fu So Ya she should try to get Asura and Leviathan.

Dude I cant take on Asura with only 4 people unless I jumped like, 10 levels which would take me hours and hours. Maybe I’m just upping levels in a shitty spot…but nothing gives numerous amounts of EXP.

I always went to the land fo Summoned Monsters, fought Conjurers, and see if they were the ones who summoned Arachnes. They’re impotent against you if you’re floating, and are weak against Ice. So if you still have the IceBrand, they’ll go down fast. idf not, they’ll still die easy. And they give you continuous Exp.

I actually did that twice, Val, it’s quite a good method, though it takes me like 5 minutes to get 20000 + EXP, and both times only one person levelled up. But I guess it’s my only choice, bah.

Kill all but one character. That person will get all the Exp. of that fight.

You know whats funny?

I had been trying to beat that Wall for seven years(from 92-98,I had kept renting it like 5-10 times a year,didint own it untill 01(2 version) and I struggled like 8 times through it untill I beat it(I was much better at stratigic thinking now).

Then sometime in early 02 I bought Chonicles(with Hard Type) and beat The Wall on the first try.

I was the same way, but it didn’t take me near as long because I have a copy of the game. But I know what you mean about learning how to fight strategically over time. My first game of FF6 was a disaster… but now it’s much easier to get through. 8)

If you ask me, the TrapDoors were just as annoying, if not moreso, than Wall.

And BTW, if Rosa knows Wall/Reflect, have her cast it on Asura to make the fight a LOT easier.

I was going to say that, but yeah. Throw a wall on Asura, and she becomes like, twenty times easier.

If you need black magic on her, throw a wall on Cecil or Kain, and use pots on them, or summons.