Anyone know if they plan on redoing FF3jp like they did FF1 & ff2 for the final fantasy origins? Where they redo the graphics and music? I heard they might be putting the original nes quality ff3jp on the gameboy.

They’re redoing FF3J for the DS.

I hope they tweak it… there are some parts to FF3 that I would like to see changed. Seriously though, if every girl was like Princess Sarah we would have to worry about over population. :thud: She’s with your group… maybe five to ten minutes. And at the end of the game she’s wanting to remain together forever with the frame character (whichever one of the quadruplets ya have on-screen). :kissy:

I knew it was worth buying a DS. Doubt my logic now motherfuckers! Hahahahahaaah!

I don’t think I going to get it unless they some more good games on it.

How many good games do you want a system to have? I think ff3 is enough, but aren’t they supposed to have a nice line-up of good games planned for the DS? and on a side note, the ff3 graphics weren’t that bad. For a NES game they were quite good. but for the DS, they’d better be tweaked. otherwise it’d just be lazyness on their part.

True, the graphics were not bad for their time. Still, it would be nice if they’d redo the graphics and sound like they did for FF1 and FF2 for FF origins.