FF3DS Mail Buddies needed.

So I decided I’d grind through the game at least once before I have to move and potentially get rid of some games (portable games might survive, but not grindfests…)

So, the Onion Knight requires seven mails to be sent to friends.

If you want to exchange some signets for those bonus items for job level 100, those are fine too (I can send the Red Mage and Thief items from my previous save.)

If you’re interested, here’s the beef:

Friend Code: 3479 9475 4000

For simultaneous logins or generally sending me your own code so I actually get it, I’m available on #rpgclassics and messenger maba at nulani dot net

… please?

I couldn’t persuade myself to [strike]go through[strike] play FF3, so…

Where are you moving to?

I think I already traded signets with you, but if I dig it out I’ll send you some more mail.

I’m sorry that I’ve already traded that game… :\