So I have Final Fantasy Origins, Chronicles, and Anthology. Of course that means, no FF3.

I know that it has not been released in America, but there has still got to be a way for me to play it.

Could someone let me know where I could get a copy of FF3 in English? Thanks.

Is it even worth it? Is FF3 good?

As of now you can’t get FF3 in English, except in ROM format for the original NES. However, it is currently under development for the Nintendo DS.
I personally liked it a lot (much better than either FF2 or FF4). The gameplay was challenging and there were some neat quirks about the job system.

I hope that they implement an MP system like FF1&2, but could they balance it so it’s not laughably easy (the original FF1 was too hard, but FF1&2 went too far in the other direction).
Didn’t beat FF3, but came close. I got tired of the level grind for the final dungeon.
Though apparently, they’re adding a defence meter or something to the enemies.
(Ugh. This is not SaGa! I still don’t understand the need for Saga’s HP/LP system)

They’re going to make me buy one of those DS pieces of crap? That sucks.

Why couldn’t they just release FF1-9 on the PSone? They had to leave out 3 for some reason. They could have left out 2. That one sucks.

Does anyone know the reason behind the FF3 snub?

No real reason, it just didn’t fit anywhere. ^^; In Japan, FF1+2 had been released earlier as a compilation (for the NES). FF4, 5, and 6 were originally also released together as one chunk on PSX (as FF Anthology). FF3 is just the only game that never got much attention, being in the middle of the amazingly new FF series (1 and 2) and the more popular story-wise games (FF4-6). Still, it’s a lot more fun than many of the other games in the series.

Anthology was three games in Japan?

Here it is just 5-6.

And they threw in Crono Trigger with FF4. Even though it isn’t a FF game.

Yep. In Japan it was 4-5-6. But it should be noted that 4, 5, 6, and CT were all also released separately in Japan.

Sounds like I need to move my ass to Nippon and learn to read Japanese.

Or download it from some random site. Heck, I’ve got the ROM. Hit me up on one of my chat programs and I’ll hook you up.

Actually, the FF4+5+6 bundle in Japan was called “Final Fantasy Collection.” They were released individually first (FFIV for PS was released before Tobal No. 1 in Japan), and then later as “Final Fantasy Collection.” FF3 was planned for Bandai’s WonderSwan Color, but got cancelled (the only FFs on WSC were 1, 2, and 4). The WSC versions of FF1 and 2 were ported over to PS1 individually in Japan (later as a 2-disc set) and then brought to America on one disc as “Final Fantasy Origins.” They intended to have FF3 on there as well, but, again, the WSC version got cancelled.

Supposedly, after FF3 comes out, if sales are good, there could be DS ports of 4-6, meaning you’d be able to play FF1-6 on the DS. We’ll see.

Well, I thought 4-6 were supposed to come out on GBA as 1-3 were planned for WSC. Except Nintendo was still fuming over FF7, and wouldn’t grant Square a GBA license.

And as for the original NES, I read Square wanted the whole series to be released in English. But since FF2 never made it to the US NES (though this article I’m referring to is were the US proto ROM was first posted), probably didn’t leave much hope for FF3. (we could suspect the fact that FF2 was such a big gameplay departure from FF1 (and they maybe felt the feeble Americans couldn’t handle it), as well as that since Square USA was really small then, they probably couldn’t work on FF2, FF4, FFL2, and FF Adventure all at the same time)

Don’t forget King’s Knight and Rad Racer 2.

Fortunately, Square Enix seems to want to follow up with Enix’s wishes to get all of the DQ games released in the US, by releasing DQ8. Hopefully, we’ll see a PS2 remake of DQ6, and they release a DQ5+6 combo pack or something.

How does the DQ series stack up against the FF series?

The only one I ever played was Dragon Warrior 1.

DQ is much more old-school. I never enjoyed any of them… they’re very hard to play (the menu system, for example). There are things to recommend about them, though (primarily slimes!) and they have a small but rabid fan base.

I heard that there was a Slime-troller. Did Spoony post the releaese it?

I beleve there is a Kiddie game with several FF and DQ cast playing caracters on a board game.

What about the Final Fantasy Adventures games?

Are those worth checking out?

There is only one FF Adventure, and it was originally called Seiken Densetsu. Its sequels are the Mana games (Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Legend of Mana). They’re pretty fun, but not everyone likes them.
Before you say anything, the FF Legend games are actually part of the SaGa series - again, a fair-sized fan base, but a lot of people get annoyed by them.


So none of those are really FF games anyway. Good. I have enough games to play already.

I wanted to play all the FF games in order but FF 3 screwed me. I’m just finishing up 4 right now and I’m going to play 5 next. Maybe I’ll play 3 after that.

The Sword Of Mana (GBA) is a Remake/game based on FFA, BTW. There are some Changes in story, and the addtion of an Alteranate storyline of the “Girl”. Some Bosses not all can be won with simalar Statergy. The “Boy’s” arena Battle is one.

Mistic Quest: I’d Say Advoid since is made for the non-existant Dumb Americans!

Imagine if all of the Final Fantasy games all had the exact same gameplay and menu system as FF1, but the music improved substantially, and the plot got exponentially deeper (the graphics only ever improved when it jumped platform). That’s a pretty good idea of the Dragon Quest series. Until DQ5, the series pretty much controlled just like FF1. DQ5-7 added some ease-of-play issues (there’s now a button that acts like the FF series’ search/talk/etc button, rather than having to go into the menu every time), but the old-school DQ1-style menu remains, for nostalgic purposes.

DQ8 will be entirely different, other than the turn based battle system. The battles will closer resemble Star Ocean 3 in appearance than a Dragon Quest game, and the coding is done by Level 5, the same people responsible for Dark Cloud.

I’m currently replaying all of the DQ games 1-7, in preparation for DQ8 this fall.