FF3 Friend Codes

I posted this in my other thread but got no replies. 8-( Here’s mine: 1289 5053 4956 Now I want other people’s! I want to unlock that blasted Onion Knight class!

I added you, on my list. Since I updated to a lite, my code was changed too. Here it is…

3479 9475 4000

I want friends too. :slight_smile: (and an Onion Knight, but hey…)

4209 9817 2014

How come I still can’t send anything? >_<

Did you remember to set-up your DS Wireless Communications/Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection first? It tells you how to set it up in the books that came with III. I tried to jump the internet and it kept telling me no connection found, only to realize that I hadn’t set it up yet (der…). And also, check and see if the code you put in was correct.

If none of that works, I guess just to http://www.nintendowifi.com and look up tech support er something.

Here’s mine as well: 2749 7716 5632

No, it’s not a Wi Fi problem. I can connect fine; it’s just that all of the friend codes in my roster remain grayed out and I can’t select them.

Okay, I see what you mean… all the friend’s codes are shaded out when you look in the Mognet Friend Roster.

From what I understood in the handbook, you have to input a friend’s code (let’s say mine) into your system and I would have to input yours into my system. Then we both have to select “A Faraway Friend” in the Moghouse menu. Then the Friend Code registration will begin. Then, once that’s done, the friend codes should turn white and you now should be able to send letters to each other.

If that down right confuzzled you in anyway, I had read this from page 47 of the Final Fantasy III Handbook “Sending Mail Via Nintendo WiFi Connection”.

Hope this helps.

The long and short of it is this. Nintendo’s idea of internet sucks. Before you can send messages, you need to have put in the friend code and all related jibba-jabba. Your friend also needs to have put in the friend code and all related jibba-jabba. Then you both need to have connected to the FF3 wifi mognet thing at least once after adding the friend code. The next time you both connect you’ll be able to send shit. It’s a total hasstle and it sucks.

Then the other people who replied to this thread should do all that stuff, because I already have. >_<

Check your mailbox! Thanks for the explanation, TD. :wink:

I got your mail, but it still won’t let me send anything! >_< Your name shows up now but it’s still greyed out.

Just both of you reconnect a few times, it’s a son of a bitch and tends to glitch out.

I hope this is not considered necro posting, but I wanted to be piece of this as well.

472 549 908 389

I’d like to add you, but apparently my game thinks there’s an error in your friend code. :frowning:

heh… sorry. let me edit that typoe