FF3 for the DS

Has anyone heard anything about this? I remember reading in a magazine (I think it was Game Informer) that Square was bringing FF3 (the Japanese version of course) to the DS. I’ve looked a bit online and I haven’t found anything (I haven’t looked too hard, but still). So I was wondering if anyone had any information about it. It’s one of the few games for the DS that I’m looking forward to (it and Animal Crossing). So whats dealio?

I read about it too. I don’t think they’ve done much on it. GI only had a screenshot from the NES one, so I’m not suprised that it’s hard to find.

It is under development, but that’s about all that’s known about it.

It was announced at a press conference a long time ago. They basically showed a video of the intro for FF3 with the prelude theme, that said it was coming to the DS. (If I remember correctly)

But that’s all the information that’s been released, as far as I know.

How would they utilize the dual screens? Quick menu selection? Handy dandy dungeon maps? :open_mouth: IMAGINE!

I like that map idea. It’ll be cool when Square starts to release screensots and more information (such as rlease dates).

Personally I think they’ll use the touch screen for the menus and maps. I think it’d be cool for the touch screen to be the battle menu so the entire top screen would be utilized for more advanced attack animations without the menu in the way. And having a full map of the area is so much more handy then the small assed one in the corner.