I am honestly thinking about getting a DS just so I can play this game. Well, and Castlevania.

Same here. And I’ve lost track of what other games I wanted to get. Lessee, uh, Mario & Luigi 2 …

I picked up a DS awhile ago, (and Mario & Luigi 2, Castlevania and New Super Mario Bros) so this game is naturally on my to-get list. So is Xenosaga I+II.

Castlevania DoS is awesome too, btw Cid. Konami came close to recreating the awesomeness of Symphony of the Night.

As for this game, it really strikes me as being familiar to FFIX, which is a good thing in my book. I’m still impressed that whole game is going to fit on a DS card.


Must get DS!

Aww, they’re so cute! Maybe I’ll get a DS (Lite) someday.

I traded in my DS… of course, my DS Lite is fully paid for, so I’m just couting the days. I can’t even play Mario right now. :frowning:

I heard it’s online capable with the Wifi thingy. How will they implement online in such a linear unmultiplayer game like Final Fantasy (I know XI was a MMORPG, but this is a remake of a traditional).

For the wifi they are probally going to have arenas for PvP battles. Maybe even trading online. That would be awesome.

I hope not. “Onionkid versus Onionkid!”

Setz, think about it. Having your team going against someone elses. It wouldn’t be onion kids vs. onion kids. It would be like your Fighter, Black mage, White Mage, and Archer(or whatever you made you team out to be) vs. Someone elses team.

Shit this looks pretty cool, i probally wont get it since i alreadly finished the game but it will be fun for those who never played and the ones that were wondering WTF WAS FFIII since this will be its first time on a system in AMerica

I’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while.

One particular detail about the game that stands out in my head: There is a page where someone compared screenshots of the DS version to the NES version, and the map layout is the same everywhere - the map has all the same details in the same places, and the town layout is virtually identical. I enjoyed seeing that.

Heh … reminds me of Hunted to Extinction. Anyone else remember that?

I think the feature I’m most excited about is the fact that they’re rebalancing the jobs so that 2 Ninjas / 2 Sages isn’t the ONLY way to beat the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew I got a DS for a reason.


Well,that settles it.Time to get a DS

Don’t forget the new mana game for the ds which is coming out this october ^^

IT (along with, like, half the NDS games I’ve heard of) MUST BE MINE!!!