ok so I just got to chapter 10 and I try the marks. Bahamut nearly 1 shots my entire party. He is level 86! This is RIDICULOUS. Zodiark and Gilgamesh aren’t any better. THEY DIDN’T USE HIS SONG FOR HIS FIGHT. That was criminal. Has anyone beaten them? Thoughts?

Yes. Go through the Midlight’s Deep first. It’s the best way to gain EXP and the battles are doable, although quite tough. Once Basch gets his last skill, all the fights get way easier. Gilgamesh is the easiest, followed by Bahamut and Zodiark. There are a few suggestions on GameFAQs, browse around.

Use Lamia’s for the Bahamut fight. They can confuse Titan, have an advantage over Bahamut and Ramuh and hit a weakness against Shiva. I won at about level 50 by summoning them over and over until they took him out. For Gilgamesh use Vaan, Llyud and Penelo and just try to blitz him. Have them use their special skills for the extra damage and he should fall.

URGH So I finally beat zodiark and the others and attempt to beat the final boss and get my ass kicked because everything is level 99 and respawning insanely fast. What the hell am I supposed to do!? I’m level 57!

Wuh-oh. You weren’t supposed to overwrite your previous save after beating Zodiark. 8-( You have two choices now.

  1. Level up to at least 70 or so and go insane.
  2. Watch the ending on YouTube.