FF12...more like a MATURE FF9?!

Ugh . . . in the character section, the girl called Penelo looks like she’s going to be the Yuffie/Selphie/Rikku of FF12 >_< I can appreciate the individual characters, but the young and boisterous girl stereotype has, by now, been done to death!

As for any relations to FFIX . . . well, I loved FFIX, so I’d have no problems with that :stuck_out_tongue: I think there might be something in the Vaan/Ashe Zidane/Garnet similarities . . . Ashe is a princess, right? Otherwise, I think it’s just silly speculation. Hopefully it’ll be more like a game in its own right than like anything that’s come before.

Lunar most stereotypes have been done to death, that is usually why they ARE stereotypes. And truthfull it has been a while since Square have come up with a truly-unique-never-seen-before-in-anyway character. And that’s because there are very few types out there that haven’t been done, in some form.

As for 12, being like 9, at the moment there is absolutely no evidence to support this idea. Since we don’t know enough about the characters or plot, to make such a call.

Im not judging anything about the plot…I go by what i read and stuff…and somewhere, bear with me, I read that some critics are calling FF12 a semi-close resmblance to 9. But yes, I can also see some of Tactics in it too…and maybe a little of Tactics Advance. And the battle system does look like it will be based off the Kingdom Hearts type.

From what credible source did you pull this from?

Unless your sources have some kind of access to information none of the rest of us know about, then they are judging the game on the only things we can really judge it on at this point: looks. Only time will tell, and even then people will argue about it.

a more mature version of ff9?? i think you mean the character designs are more realistic version of ff9…

Hmm, I didn’t like FFTA’s plot much at all. I sort of ignored it the whole game. But the battle system was awsome, the Judges in particular were my favorite element. Marche, Montblanc, Cid… fake as fake can get. But Ritz and Mewt gave me something to think about and how people relate to their fantasies.

Mewt was a sort of person who didn’t want to go back. And Ritz didn’t want to leave. Now, at a glance that may sound one in the same, but it did inspire me quite a bit. I also liked Babus and his ability to out think Marche philosofically (SP). Though, I think that if the game was on the DS the menu system would be inprooved 10 times over.

For FFT, I only just got it. The plot is engaging, and it leaves much room for the hero to improve himself (I’ve only gotten past the first mission, FFV, Kingdom Hearts, and of course College have gotten in the way) but the one thing I can’t stand about FFT is that idiot cammera rotating and zoom in, zoom out. The concept of characters actually dieing is an interesting one, much more intreaging then the jags.

But I can’t say one way or the other on VIII vs. IX

I’ve seen a Video of a Demo (at E3, i think. camrea at a booth I can see reflections of stands behind the player) Presumably playing from a minute in to the end of the next cut scene. I appears to have Vaan’s introduction and inderctly upsetting some Bangaa.

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Then a Chat with Penelo who isn’t pleased…