FF12...more like a MATURE FF9?!

I don’t know about you guys…but when you look at FF12’s screenshots…you can see pretty much A LOT of airships…and the people have clothes that are similar to the characters in 9…Nine also had a lot of airships. Is Square basically taking an main idea from 9 and putting it in 12? :ah-ha!:

OMG FF4 had a lot of airships too!!! It’s Square’s huge conspiracy to make games in the same series slightly similar!!! runs and hides in a bomb shelter

No, they’re putting an idea that’s been in the series for a while and expanding on it. The clothes part…seems like it’s going with FFX-2 more and more. Wasn’t they’re some woman with a scantily-clad female warrior? Looked more like Ayla from CT or better yet Rikku than anything in FF9.

If you really want to say that Square’s taking something from FF9 and putting it in FF12, then you could say that FF9 was just taking an idea that was big in FF4/2. I don’t know, that one with Cecil, I was get mixed up early in the series.

I don’t think this game is ‘slightly’ anything…12 has to be very similar to 9…if you pay close attention to the trailors and screenshots

If you consider that IX was a collage of elements from FF I to VI it ain’t that impressive.

Well since the game is based on the FFT world I’d say no.

It’s based on the FFT world, but its been stated that it’s in a place in Ivalice that hasn’t been introduced yet. So, the only similarity is in the name…

Also, FF9 didn’t have realistic characters. FF12 does. I don’t see how they balence each other out…if anything FF12 relates to…no other FF since it seems very armor/weapon/war related (and the FF Tactics did not have similar graphics so you can’t really compare).

Geez… you think just because the characters are SD in FF9 that the story isn’t somewhat mature? I dare you to find a kid to explain the entire plot of FF9 to you and to truly understand how well the plot works out and understand how well the themes of life and death are woven into nearly every plot point or every character’s past. You call that kiddy?

The plot and story are much more deep and interesting than FF8, which started off good, but then took a nosedive during Disc 3 when the Sorceress gibberish started.

To me it sounds like you’re making a completely random theory.

Aren’t you exaggerating a little bit? I mean, sure it did have some profound themes (Mostly everything that revolted around Vivi and the Black Mages) but it wasn’t Xenogears either.

The purpose of the game was to remember the old FF tradition (I to VI). That’s what the childish look and the obscene amount of FF references were all about. FFIX wasn’t a “game” by itself, it was more of a tribute to it’s predecessors as the last FF for the Playstation. It still kicked butt though.

The world isnt called Ivalice, its called Pheisias, Ivalice is the land ON Pheisias that the two tactics games take place. Its like calling the entire “Earth” Europe. Either way, Square will probably can the idea and feed off of the fact that Ivalice sounds cool and that will be the name of the world from now on.

Either way, being set in that world, having the design style, and character races of said world will inturn make me very nostalgic and very excited spoo

No, because the development teams are different. The head of FF12 is the guy responsible for Final Fantasy Tactics. In other words, not FF9. :stuck_out_tongue:

You ever heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Well, don’t judge a game by previews and screenshots. Just because the graphics LOOK like FF9 doesn’t mean any of the plot will be similar. It could be, certainly, but there are lots of things besides how an RPG looks that identify it, like plot, characters, game mechanics, etc. So stop being an idiot and judging things that you have no real information about.

Also, why did you have to make your name have alternating caps? It pains my eyes.

I dont know shit about FF12… anyone have any links for me ? I would be much obliged…

I don’t know much about it, but I dought it will be like FF9. I’m gonna have to play the Tactics games. Oh, and if those Judges are so important, and they’re in Tactics and 12 then shouldn’t there be SOME connection? I know it’s a bt off topic but I’ve been wondering.

PLEASE, do not mix Tactics with it’s bastard cousin Tactics Advance, Tactics does not have judges. And yes, do play it because it’s SO FUCKING GOOD.

This is pretty much all I have at the moment.

As Did a few other games in the FF series 8p

As for the clothes, the black mage dates back to FF1. As do most of the FF clothing concepts.

And by taking the statement in the first quote, that’s like saying Every FF after 4 is like 4 because they all have summon spells. It’s a ridiculous and vague idea to base such an opinion on.

Are you sure it is set in FFT’s world ? It refers to Ashe(the only one i clicked on) as a Hume… and Hume is FF11, not FFT…

EDIT: I am an idiot.

Ok, It Appears that it more based on FF TA cos Fran is a Viera, and Bangaa have been seen. I seen a race that isn’t in the FFC race or monster section.

It thought that FF9’s Skills and effects and FFTA are simalar. That’s how fast I picked up FFTA faster than FF7 from FF9. It was “Oh a flan! Montblanc, Give me a sectond to check the element… Cast Fira!”

Big Nutter
The battle engine is weird one, one I can’t work out off Video. Defantly not Tatics style, and its more Active nearst kingdom hearts. (Don’t have FF11, Pc crap)