FF11 Peeves

I was just wondering what your guys pet peeves about FF11 are. The things that just piss you off, despite loving the game.

Mine are:

  1. Loss of exp/levels
  2. Warriors who don’t want to fucking provoke when you’re about to die and they have high hp (that killed me twice in one party)
  3. EXP system. Exp needed for next level increases, but the amount of exp from enemies doesn’t.
  4. People that use parties. The ones that sit around and do nothing or just do the minimum and are only there for exp, but don’t want to contribute, this goes along with the provoking. However, yesterday I did have a guy who just sat there while we fought.
  5. The outrageous price. Come on, XBOX Live is only $50 a year for all compatible games. Sega was able to do more for only $9 a month.
  6. The people that onyl want to go after high exp by doing incredibly tough guys and spending a couple minutes down and sometimes getting a person or the party killed. They don’t seem to realize that if you figth abunch of easies and get decent exp you’ll gain levels faster than doing one hard one for good exp every couple of minutes. My fastest ;levels have been with guys that go after stuff we can finish fast and get decent exp since we spend so little time down we are making more than the big guys. Plus we didn’t get close to dying. We’d do 3 or 4 battles before resting, when doing big stuff requires resting after every battle.

Good game, just has some big issues. The world and quest are cool, however, I do wish I had some sort of goal. Is the world in danger? Why am I leveling up? In PSO there were bosses at the end of areas that required much leveling to beat. It also had a final boss and a reason for what you are doing. It was a weak, pathetic reason that you don’t hear about except the beginning, but it was there. The rest fot eh time you are trying to get there. Maybe I’m jus tnot far enough. I’m only a level 15 Warrior. However, I do also have a level 4 or 5 White Mage (Tarutaru for best results).

So what are yours?

Sounds like Everquest all over again… I think these are problems that pretty much plague any type of MMORPG. The sad fact is that you can’t tell other people how to play no matter how stupid they seem to be acting, and that it has to be insanely difficult to level up or else you’d have thousands of ridiculously powerful players on a server. As for the monthly fee, well, I think they only charge that much because people are willing to pay.

Most of what you mention are people-problems, not game problems. As for the story/goal, just keep doing your country’s missions, and it’ll slowly start to come together. (And if you’re in San d’Oria or Bastok, make sure that on mission 2-3 you go to Windurst last of the two cities you visit. You get to see Seminah Lafinah that way. Much cooler than the Bastok’s Ayame.)

As for experience…It’s true that you don’t break the 200 cap on a lone kill anytime, but it seemed to me in Qufim in Khazam (levels 20 to 30) that chains were much more common. In fact, if you didn’t chain, it’s because someone pulled something that was WAY too tough for you. As it is, in my parties we’ve averaged around a Chain +2 ever time we were ready to fight. That means a little more than 600 exp. every 5 minutes. Not half bad. In addition, the amount needed to get to the next level stops going up by much, too. For example, last night I hit level 29, which I needed 5600 experience to get to, and the number needed to get to level 30 only increased by 100 up to 5700.

I know that most of them are people problems, but they are still peeves and partly constructed by the game system. It’s a online game so you have to play with other people, which isn’t always the easiest.

I have actually mentioned in an E-mail to Wil(sorry there havnt been any lately man) about how hard it is to organize a party and get them to do what you want. I did that Gustaburge tour quest in Bastok. Anywho, i wish they would just make it a little easier to solo. That’s my only peeve about the game.

[li]Vokers who doesn’t know how to voke.
[/li][li]No cancellation of missions.
[/li][li]Chocobo fares.
[/li][li]Arrow costs.

How about not being able to check your mailbox for the last week because the lag on your school’s network is so erratic? (I’m a level 30 Black Mage. I don’t have any spells above level 25 because of the stupid mailbox…not good)

Well the exp loss is a balance issue, I’ve played a game where there was no penality for dying and it was exploited to hell and back because people would run out and start attacking a monster that was way too hard, get killed and then try again until the monster died and they got a huge exp payoff.

The exp thing is there to keep people paying to play it longer.

That still happens, it is just that someone else gets the exp. :fungah:

I just started a tarutaru black mage, and so far my peeve is the way everyons acts, like “aww, hello there little fella” and “awwwww, your so cute” especially when i /panic .

Actually no.
If the monsters are heavily wounded they don’t give off experience points. At least on Phoenix.

Nulani, what are you character names on Nulani ? I have made a lot of friends, just wondering if we’ve ever met.

Edit: I said Nulani twice, LOL. I meant “what are your character names on Phoenix”

I’ve done it and seen others do it. Someone will die, and I don’t have Raise, so I’ll kill the monster and I get the exp. Some monsters have been way out of my league too; I couldn’t beat them had they not already been heavily damaged.

I’ve had it both ways.

Edit: I mean about the experience! From the monsters!

I wonder if our differences coem from some people calling for help before they die. That would explain why RPT gets exp sometimes and why Nulani and I get different things.

That’s my current though, but I really haven’t looked into confirming it.

It’s ‘Nulani’.

Get used to it; it never ends. I make people pay if they want to see me /panic, though. :mwahaha:

Ooka, try using “/panic motion” so it does the motion without it saying you are panicing.

Don’t worry, I do. But it’s 100 gil up front if someone asks to see me do it. Surprising how often people actually pay.