FF11 News (yes' there is big news).

Yes, but I’ll still be able to other things without a party. There is also a key difference between vital and required. Also, many others that I’ve played with say that a party isn’t needed until even higher.

Also, I doubt that the parties will require as perfect of balance of classes and 6 people.

Yeah, in FFXI, once you hit about lvl 11 (give or take one or two levels, depending on job), you simply can’t gain experience anymore without partying. Enemies that you can kill no longer give you experience, and enemies that give you experience are at least 3-4 times stronger than you are. Unless you’re a beastmaster, you’re pretty much stumped by lvl 15 unless you party.

That, along with having to watch people play WoW for upwards of 20 hours when they invited me to their house, pretty much killed MMORPGs as a whole for me. I’ll stick to my offline games, thanks, or at the most extreme, I’ll play some PSO.

Yeah that’s something I really like about WoW. Different party combinations work to hilarious ends and in general lead to a different experince. Its great.