FF11 News (yes' there is big news).

It’s coming to the XBox!


See, I told you so. It seems a bit late though.

What else is it coming out on?

I’m glad. I just hope that the Xbox Live interface doesn’t interfere with it. And I’d also like to see an Xbox keyboard… >_>

(yeah, I know there was one for PSO, but I’d like to see an official one now that FFXI’s coming)

Yeah, that is a bit late.

It would be about the time to start the game on any console, though, since you’ll actually have the new Xbox players to party with.

Actually, I found a clarification to the story; it’s not coming out on Xbox, but rather on Xbox 360. And there’ll be a new expansion bundled with it (that will be available seperately for PC/PS2).

people still play that game?

Yes. Lots.

Since this is an FF11 thread, I think I can get away with it: WoW sucks.

I liked FFXI cause it made sucky players hate life. They never got anywhere and couldnt survive in groups.

However, you can’t avoid being forced into groups with sucky players in FFXI (unless you are lucky enough to have a static party).


I like FF11 a lot, but it’s got 3 key things that just take away a lot of the fun for me.

  1. It is just way too slow.
    1a. I don’t like having to kneel for several minutes just to do one more battle. It just creates a lot of down time where you can’t really do anything. It is even worse with mages (particularly black) since they need MP to really even go into battle. Missing a little bit of MP hurts a mage a lto more than missing a little HP hurts a fighter. It FF11 did like a lot of other MMORPGs and have you’re HP/MP refill naturally, it’d be awesome and really speed things up.
    1b. The game is further slowed by the loss of 10% exp, which is a shitload for dying. If you run into some bad luck, you can lose several days or weeks worth of work in a matter of minutes. It just sets you back too much too fast. Like City of Heroes (and I think Everquest, at least Online Adventures did) has a exp debt, where you don’t get as much exp for awhile (until the debt is paid). You still move forward, just at a slower pace. The debt also isn’t a huge 10%. This also restricts exploration, which isn’t fun.
  2. You HAVE to party. Partying is pretty fun and a good party is awesome, but sometimes I just like to play alone. However, if youg et a good and balanced party, it is cool how much it feels like a regular FF and how much fun and easy it becomes.
  3. Can only create one character. While you can change jobs at will, the races are so oriented towards a specific class that you are sort of stuck doing the same things. I like playing a variety of classes and even races. They all look different and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The first 2 are the biggest though. Fix those and I would be in heaven. FF11 looks great and has pretty good music (especially after playing WoW which only has a couple of good tunes). Hell, it even has great competition between players and sides without having them fight against each other (I wish WoW would implement a system like this).

I like WoW a lot though and it does pretty much everything I want. FF11 is good and WoW is good, just in different ways. WoW just allows for a bit more freedom and mistakes, which is why I like playing it more now.

It’s interesting to note that at the start of 2005, FFXI possessed around 25% of the total MMORPG market. This number is amazing when you consider that the next closest competitor (I believe WoW) controlled only 12% of the market share and the next after that (Everquest, I believe) controlled around 8%. That means that Final Fantasy XI had more than three times the market share that the “quintessential” and “overplayed” Everquest had.

Your way with words could be compaired to Shakespear. Thank you for putting it so well.

1a.) Mages do not need full MP. With a decent mage and a decent party 1/3rd is enough.
1b.) They’ve changed the XP System.
3.) It costs $1 to create a second character. It’s not a lot.

I’ve got a question, do I have to pay a FF11 bill as well as X-box 360 live bill?

When some of you get it tell me!!

I think Everquest fans are confused/pissed off right now, since EQ2 came out and they can’t bring their good characters over, but they want the new gameplay. Also, there’s new expansions for EQ1, so they don’t know if it’s worth the change yet. I’d be confused, too.

1a. I’m not counting a party since during a party you have enough time to rest while someone pulls another monster.

2b? I don’t have a 2b. I guess you mean 1b. It has been awhile since I’ve p[layed so I don’t know the change, what is it? Please explain.

  1. Maybe not for you Mrs. Gates, but when a MMORPG is already a little expensive for you, an extra dollar a month is a lot, especially when other MMORPGs let you create A LOT of extra characters at no extra cost.

Interestingly, that very scenario is why EA cancelled Ultima Online 2. And subsequently, Ultima 10.

And they were smart to do so.

I like having different characters. I like having different faces to look at when I want to play different classes. I like the fact that, in wow, I have over 20 characters and only used 3 of them. But the fact that I CAN have those extra 17 makes me happy.

Oh, and they didnt cost me a dime extra to make.

EQ is shit. I 've never played FFXI , but WoW is excellent. Although, nick will find out how VITAL it is to find a party when he reaches the upper level 40s.