FF11 Chain Help

Okay folks, i need some help, so just give it to me straight. How exactly do you chain things ? like EXP ? Spells ? I am so lost as to why we can kill agiant giraffe like thing, then kill a little hoppidy rabbit and get a chain, but not vice versa.

Exp. Chain I’m not sure of, but i think you have to wipe the floor with even match or higher mobs in a time limit, much much MUCH easier to do in a party. As for part 2, Spells by themselves do not chain. But you can throw them into a Skillchain for a MagicBurst if your spell coincides with the element of the last weapons skill used. Such as a Fire spell after a Fire element Weapon Skill like uhh Burning Blade?(i dont know many skill names) which has to follow another weapons skill, granting extra damage and a Skillchain, and possibly special skillchain effects (never seen them, ive only been on for like a week or so, and I’m on my second character since i just joined Phoenix serv). The spell cast after the end of the chain, as long as it’s cast within 4 seconds or so, will then magic burst, and if it doesnt kill the enemy your BM is gonna pull aggro almost certainly.

EXP chains depend on time. After you defeat one monster that is “even match” or above, you have a certain amount of time to defeat another “even match” or above monster in order to get the chain. The reason why you’re getting an EXP chain on dhalmel --> rarab but not on rarab --> dhalmel, is, presumably, because dhalmels are more difficult and thus take longer to kill, and you’re not able to kill it quickly enough to get the chain.

Sunny, ohh that cool. I’m on Phoenix too, what is your character ? what’s his name ?

Thanks for the info guys, it’s helped.

Experience Chains.
You have to kill ‘Even Matches+’; and that within a time limit of two minutes.

Teredel I believe is the incarnation on Phoenix and he’s a level uhh 6 or 7 monk since i only play like 30 min to an hour a day on him since it’s so much easier to make money on the Gilgamesh server in Bastok, Quadav Backplates at 1k a pop, and i gather 5-6 at a time in a hour or 2 span of leveling, just wootness

I have made about 5 different chars in the past month, and every one was placed on Phoenix

well yeah, cause thats where the game put your first char, unless you have a worldpass you wont be able to make new chars off of it. I started on Gilgamesh, then got a worldpass from jiharn to Phoenix. And it’s a pain in the ass to make money in San there, I made a Bastok mule so I could sell all the shit i get from hares and orcs there, along with my several stacks of earth crystals that go for more than 400 gil a stack there.

In Windurst, stacks of crystals go for 1000-2000. I set mine at 1200 and sell it within a half an hour. Also, Spools of Silk Thread go for about 800 a pop. I post mine for 700.

Damn, stacks of Earth were going for 300 in San not long ago and I get those in an hour or less since thats the only crystals that drop around ron. Woo time to change bastok mule to a windurst mule.

Wait until you got a stack.
You’ll earn more.

It goes back and forth. At times it’s actually more worthwhile to sell Silk Threads individually in Windurst on Shiva.

Woo Earth stacks back to 300 in San, and I’m level 7 and not able to fight my beloved quadavs like im used to meaning little money for me. Oh and my Phoenix char is Teredal, not Terdel.