FF11: Bannable Offenses

Every FF11 player’s probably heard of this site already, put it’s pretty funny even if you know nothing of MMORPGs (although they use a few terms that I don’t get).
Bannable Offenses

God… thanks for making me waste the last forty-five minutes. 8p That was frickin’ hilarious, and no I’ve never played an MMORPG in my life.

… dude. This is AWESOME. XD


I’ve never, and will likely never, played an MMORPG, but I can relate with stupid, whiny people.

Having read that … I want to be a GM in a MMO or MUD or something! JUST so I can spawn some kinda duck and raise it to level 100! :smiley:

I felt like I was reading BOFH for the next generation.

What’s BOFH?

Bastard Operator From Hell. Google for hilarity. :smiley: