FF1 Question

I look at the tv screen, the FF1 party selection sits and sits. I can’t decide which party will be effictiant I’m going through hard mode, determined to finish this game one last time(Acctually I was just trying to be dramatic I may play it later in life lol) But I was thinking about Fighter, Red, White, Black, or Fighter, Fighter, White, black.

Anyone else have some good suggestions? I want a good party that wont have many faults, and possible a middle-expensive party.

I always used Fighter, Monk, Black Mage, White Mage. Worked most of the time pretty well.

You might want to hold off on the Black Mage. Their magic isn’t as useful as it should be. I’d recommend a Red Mage, as they are far more versatile. However, if you’re a fan of 8-Bit Theater, bring a Black Mage along for comic value. 8)

And good luck out there!

I always choose a Fighter, Thief, White Mage, and Black Mage

Thiefs aren’t much, but when they turn to Ninjas and you give 'em the Masamune, they’re powerhouses! and they can use a little Black Magic also.

Originally posted by Mako
Thiefs aren’t much, but when they turn to Ninjas and you give 'em the Masamune, they’re powerhouses! and they can use a little Black Magic also.

Anyway, I use Fighter, Thief, Red Mage, Black Mage.

I agree with Mako. Even, though I didn’t like the Thief much, but I learned to live with them.

Red mage in place of black? I question you’re logic, but if it works for you, fine. I don’t think the Red Mage/Wizard can get Warp or Exit. Of course, the limited spell casting about makes the Red Mage’s higher strength worth the reduced number of spells.

Red Wizards can learn Exit (not that they’d need it if there’s a White Wizard in the party already).

Thieves are just about worthless. Ninjas aren’t that much better. Last game I played with a Ninja, it never ended up being any more powerful than my Red Wizard.

Black Belts start out weak, but by the end of the game, they generally hit harder than Knights (depending on what your level is).

I always go for the good ol’ Fighter, Black Belt, Black Mage, White Mage party, although a Red Mage can replace the Black Mage or Black Belt, or another Fighter can replace the Black Belt.

I like the Party of Fighter, Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage
Sometimes I like Fighter, Black Belt, Theif, White Mage.

I’ve always wanted to Try Fighter,Fighter,Fighter,White Mage though.

Hey demigod. What game are those character in your sig from? FF1 remake version?

That’s the remake all right. 8)

Black Mage, dead, dead, dead

:stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

Any F/?/WM/BM combination works great, although I prefer Red Mage or Thief.

With the Red Mage, your party has very few weaknesses. Good magic all around and good physical attacking.

With the thief, your physical offense may be slowed early on but when it becomes a Ninja, you can pwn…and much more importantly, THIEVES AND NINJAS CAN RUN EASILY!!!

Another Fighter would also kick serious ass.

I personally don’t like Monks however due to lack of Magic and the fact that they don’t work well at low levels… Magic is fun. Still, they work good enough. But you still don’t get as much good out of it as with another Fighter, and their defense sucks.

If you pick another White Mage, you get more healing and undead killing. It may not have a lot of power, but it can last quite a long time.

Go with another Black Mage, and we’re gonna have some fun tonight…

Hrm. I think i’m gonna start a game with Fighter/Black Mage/Dead/dead. for 8BT kicks.

If you level a Monk (Master) up to 50, he can kill the end boss in 1 hit so use a Monk!!!

Whitemage/Whitemage/Whitemage/Whitemage or Redmage/Dead/Dead/Dead

Both are fun and just pointlessly hard. My friend got to kraken with the Redmage/3dead party but couldnt beat him.

I wonder if anyone has ver tried the white mage/ dead/ dead/ dead party. Is it even possible?

I use a Fighter / Monk / Red Mage / Black Mage combination. It works well and magic can’t be used that often in this game. I suggest my combination of great physical attack and good magic attack.