FF XIII announced

FF XIII trio?

Nomura is providing more details. The CG movie we just saw, featuring a spiky-haired character (natch) squaring off against machine-gun-wielding soldiers, was created by the Advent Children team, but the game itself will be made by the Kingdom Hearts team, and will feature “extreme action elements.” He says “bonding” will be the primary theme of the game.


Wow… I have no hope whatsoever for this one. I hope the spiky haired kid has an extremely gaudy outfit with fuckload of belts and buckles all over it. Nomura’s directing it I assume? Fuck him.

I declare preemptive hate for all your progeny, DR, despite having only you to base my opinions off of concerning them.

I do wonder what they mean by the most technically advanced civilization setting. I like my FFs as fantasy with a bit of lost technology thrown in.

A bit higher quality and extended video here http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?type=mov&id=10420 The person appears to actually be a female (wearing a skirt and having boobs and all) but I won’t be too surprised if this conclusion is wrong. The game looks like it is going to a lot more similar to an action RPG and has more of a sci-fi setting at this point. Still a bit early to tell much about the game and we’ll no doubt get a lot more information at E3.

The new FF chick looks hot, but I prefer brunettes (Tifa)… :wink:

Fabula Nova Crystallis series (FF XIII) could mean more than the three games just announced. Maybe another FF film? That would be consistent with SE polymorphic strategy.

Maybe 12 is the final “fantasy” game in the series.

The trailer itself? Looks like more of the same in the Advent Children bit.

I’ll reserve judgement on FFXIII proper but I have no hope for XIII Versus because NOMURA.

FF13 looks like its returning to “cyberpunk” eclectic environment, the style that FF7 and FF8 had, not so much swords and sorcery, more magic+technology. The question to you is, which one are you more excited about? (my guess is the majority of people on this board are more excited about FF12, there seems to be a swords and sorcery bias here).

Heh. There’s few enough cyberpunk games out there anyway. (And the Matrix games don’t count, they’re movie tie-ins.)

I dont mind one way or the other whether there’s technology or magic. All FF games have technology (at least some sort of airship) and yet they all have magic somehow. I like the fantasy settings (as in FF I, IV) the dawn of technology settings (V, VI, IX) and the modern-futuristic technology settings (VII, VIII, XII? XIII?) and others (like whatever FFT and FFTA are). Even if it is final FANTASY, scifi doesnt bother me, so the FFXIII world probably wont bother me (waiting for the game will).

Looks pretty impresive to me. Can’t wait to give it a try. And I’ll save my full judgement for then.

And I like the idea of going to a more magic/technology base for this one, since you can only do mages so much. So I like the idea of them doing something different.

Oh and I just love the look of that sword/gun. That should be an interesting weapon to be able to use. I wonder what name they are going to give it.

   mybe a GUNBLADE like FFVIII

but the game looks pretty cool, i like the futuristic style KINDA LIKE VII, AND VIII
but XII hasnt even come out has it, They got us wiating for two games

The character shown is indeed female ^^
And I have no hopes for this FF either… I don;t know why, it just looks as un appealing as FFXII does. Maybe I just like my old school FF’s.

i got a funny feeling this FF will be very expensive,not as good as the other FFs and many people won’t have a ps3 yet anyway… XII looks cracking though

Although I will reserve my final opinion till I actually play the games, I do think that it looks very interesting, and the style in versus (with the whole summoning swords thing) looks apealling to me. The graphics were outstanding from what I saw and I’m looking forward to the games at the moment.

I’ll start caring about this game one way or the other…in 2009, which will probably be a year before it sees NA release.

It depends on whether the majority of FF fans can make the sci-fi leap. If they can’t, the game will do bad, it may be the FINAL fantasy. or it will be the forgotten Fantasy.
Then again, the fans could love it, and the sorcery/sword stuff will be lost forever…

I’m pretty sure they all did 9 years ago with FF7.

Wasn’t it stated in an article, quoting some Japanese producer guy that FF13 will be the last FF in the whole number-series (1, 2, 3, etc; not counting Tactics, spinoffs).

Huh. I’d heard that they’d registered the titles for up to fifteen …