Ff X-2

How do you activate the special Dresspheres? I’ve got Rikku’s and Yuna’s and I dont know how to use them.

When you are in a battle,change to each job you got in your current garment grid,once you get to the last dressphere go to the garment grid and press R1(if not that button on of the other shoulder buttons)then all the dresspheres would change to the special one.

Then you can unleash HELL on your enemy.Hope that helps.

Yuna’s is easy. Equip Unerring Path to her and then switch to all available classes in battle (which should be 2). Then you’ll get the option to switch to her special dress sphere, which turns into a plant… lady… thing. I don’t know if this applies for all the characters, but I know it’s the case for Yuna.

It’s the same for everyone, and I’m pretty sure it tells you in game how to do it anyway.

She’s right if you still need help ask Shinra.

Thanks. And what do Chains do by the way (when you hit enemies mutiple times)? Yeah it tells you how to do that stuff ingame, but I skipped the tutorial by accident.

Not much IMO,I believe the more chains the stronger the attacks are but is not noticible.

If you notice, the battle system moves a lot faster than in previous games. As such, chains occur when multiple attacks occur simultaneously or within a certain amount of time. Chains just tack on a little extra damage, but sometimes it adds up.

Special Dressspheres : Activate every dressphere on your grid at least once (gates don’t matter), and then change, Press R1, and hit X. Two party members go out of the way, but you get two extra parts. All gate effects go null when you use your special dresssphere

Chains: Slightly more damage at first, but after you get past 50 (Which is really easy to do with trigger happy) it starts to add up. Doing an attack worth 0 damage eliminates the chain.

Ah I see. Thanks.

What level/job would you recommend for fighting Vegnagun?

I’ve got a level 31 Yuna, and 32 Paine and Rikku, I usually use Riku as a mastered White Mage, whilst both Paine and Yuna use around 80% Warriors.

I would suggest having Yuna as a gunner. Her trigger happy is invaluable through out the game as a way of jacking up the chains so that you can really do some damage. And give her haste so that she can get to the trigger happy faster, and you’ll be dandy.

But for most boss battles you’ll probably want to prepare someone to go into their special dress sphere.

I would use Yuna as a gunner, but she’s too weak, she does about 6 damage per hit on Trigger Happy, and I don’t have haste.

Damn I keep getting owned by the Dark Magus Sisters

EDIT: Actually that’s not a bad idea Sorc, I just checked Yuna as a Gunner, and she does 76-120 per hit.

Umm… If you have a good sense of timing, start charging a big damage dealing spell/ability, and just as the characters start to whip the move out, start with a Trigger Happy (Two if you’re feeling particularly sadistic). With about 25 (50 >:)) hits in the starting chain, I jacked a Firaga/Excalibur up to 5000 (FULL DAMAGE BABY) or so damage at a reasonably level…

I think the chain was 145% damage after the first hit, and .5% for every hit afterwards…?

I assume the Trigger Happy you use is Level 2? Since the max chain I can get is 16.

If you’re having alot of trouble go to Bevelle’s 100 level dungeon and get the cat nip at level 40, then have Yuna go into critical HP and use Trigger Happy and you’ll hit for 9999 each.

Or, if you got the Dark Knight dressspheres have one of the girls play White Mage and do constant Pray/Cure while the others do the Darkness move which hits all enemies for about 6000.

I accidently missed the Dark Knight… is it still possible to get it in Chapter 5… I’m playing through it really fast as I have to give it back to the video store tomorrow ^^;;.

As far as I know, it’s still in the Labyrinth in Bevelle in Chapter 5, I can’t guarantee it though, as I got it in Chapter 2. It’s in a treasure chest that you can find on your way to Limbo. There is a section with platforms on the left and the right that take you to Limbo, the dressphere should be in a treasure chest on the left. If it helps, this room is the one with the save sphere in that you used before fighting Baralai and Bahamut.

I know where it is, it’s just that there aren’t enough platforms there for me to reach it.

In that case, I’m not sure. I think you should still be able to reach it. Have you done everything you can with the transporters in the previous room? I think stepping onto the stone platform in the middle of the room can cause some platforms to rise in the room before Limbo. There may be a prerequisite to this, though.