FF What Are Your Cuties ?

I want to know who girls ,like me, think are cute from any FF and what you men think is a hottie.I am just curious to know who likes who.Also I love talking about FF couples ,so you can just post your favorite FF couples which I’ll do later a later thread for.

Vincent for his dark cuteness,Sephiroth for being a bad boy,Cloud for being silently cute,and Reno for his wildness

Zell for being funny in all ways,Squall for the Bishonen scenes and coolness,and Laguna for his nervousness around woman is cute.

Zidane for being the way he is.

FF10 and FF10-2
Tidus is just too hard not to say he aint hot,Gippal for his flirting and hotness,and Baralai for his soft gentle look.

you stole my idea!!! i was gonna do something like that!!! grrrrrrrr!!! hey it’s cool lol.

FF7- Cloud cos he’s not really sure who he is and in the beginning he had a mysteriousness about him.

FF8-Squalll!!! he’s mine!!! the sexiest FF man in the whole series!!!

FF9-Zidane cos of his openess towards people and honesty. and he was searching for who he really is as well.

FF10- Wakka cos he’s funny and i love his accent, Tidus-although rather annoying at times he can be rather cute, Auron-the whole mystery man behind the man kinda thing.

FF10-2 Gippal…just cos…he’s cute lol

heheheh sorry about that but i could’nt resist talking about my hunks.Anyways you have good taste in men lol.I even made plushies of all my Hotties for real.

Oooh, oooh, oooh! I’m all over this one, yo!

Anyways, here are my thoughts:

WM from FFI (8BT joke).
All of the FFX girlies.
Garnet. (!!!)
Tifa, I suppose, although I just might be talking about the sentient breasts with the human body attatched.
Edea. I guess that Rinoa and Quistis are technically good-looking, but they just don’t get me as being that attractive. Quistis, in particular, seems like a typical video game bimbo with glasses and a bluemage scholarship.
Terra, in both human and esper form.
Celes, but mostly because she strikes me as someone that is nice but that puts out.
Lenna (the sprite version only, definately NOT the FMV version).
I think that I could see Farris as a hottie, but I just never looked at her that way.
Rydia (as a grown-up, of course).
Ashe (FFXII), from the waist down, at least.

ahhhh a plush of Squall…i’d be sleeping with him everynight then!! lol

I guess every guy even my BF likes Tifa:sweatdrops:.I think thats wayyyy over the top squallsgirl lol.:hahaha;

lol just kidding…didn’t mean to disturb you lol

I’ve got this strange feeling that replying to this thread will be like crossing some undefined line from which there is no return. It’s just a little wierd.


Hmm, didn’t expect it to be mainly blondes. On the other hand, there’s a distinct lack of redheads in the games, which I find to be the most attractive hair color.

being a red head myself i totally agree demigod. you don’t see to many red heads around…well rinoa had red streaks in her dark hair but i don’t think that counts.

hey, i never thought of that demigod.why arent there that many redheads?oh ,and its okay squallsgirl because i can get more crazy over hotties then you can lol.

this may sound weird but for real i have long brown hair like Yuna and two different color eyes.ones brown and the others blue.

The lack of redheads is made up for by greens, pinks, and purples. :slight_smile:

hey that’s cool!! having different colored eyes is cool. very rare on people. but ha! top this…i have a mixture of blue, gray, and green eyes all mixed together plus i have a brown spot in the iris. so ha!! lol

My left eye is blue with yellow in the middle and the other eye is half brown and half blue with very little yellow near the pupil like the left eye.its the truth. :moogle:

what are you? an alien? lol just kidding. ok you topped me lol

DEFEATED!!!::doh:: :hyperven: :ah-ha!:

I have never been that attracted to video game characaters, but these are the characters which look best to me:

Final Fantasy I: White wizard, assuming that the white mage/wizard is actually female. If this is in fact a ‘he’, then I am no one in this game looks best to me.

Final Fantasy II: Hilda (NPC)

Final Fantasy III: Sara (NPC)

Final Fantasy IV: Rosa

Final Fantasy V: Reina/Lenna

Final Fantasy VI: Celes dressed as Maria.

Final Fantasy VII: Tifa

Final Fantasy VIII: Quistis

Final Fantasy IX: Garnet, I suppose.

Final Fantasy X and X-2: Rikku

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Phoebe

Final Fantasy Tactics: ?

:mwahaha: I won!jk.I am happy that someone like you is like me in some ways which creeps me out a little for some reason lol.

for now on we are “The Weird Eye Duo” YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!:hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven: :hyperven:

that reminds me of a name of a hottie i like from an Anime.Duo Maxwell which is a different subject from FF cause its GW.:hyperven: