FF website

:yipee: I’m makin an Final fantasy site :yipee:

And we have a little problem we can’t decide on a name for our website. So i wanted you to ask if you could help us with our problem.

we had some ideas


or maybe you’ve got some own ideas . it would make us happy if you could help us decide!

Judgement sounds cool

I like Ragnarok

and FF Alive

Hell fire or Judgement would be my votes :hahaha; One word of warning, though- I take it you have seen how many FF sites there are out there. I hope you’ve been hard at work already on it, because it will literally take years to get up the standard and popularity of FFC. :thud: Not a knock- just a point of constructive criticism there.

Look forward to seeing the finished work, though. :cool:

Well i’ve spent alot of time on the layout for the site and the content is getting bigger and bigger. and it’s all self written so we don’t have the same stuff on the site as others, maybe some pictures and movies. But i know you have to make good preperation before your gonna launch it on the internet.
But well launch it when we think it’s ready for it. but at this point we just need a good name! :slight_smile: :yipee:

I like the name Final Fantasy Compendium. You can’t get much better than that, when it comes to Final Fantasy sites.

But out of your choices, I’d go with Judgement.

Out of those options, I like hellfire. Good luck with it.

I like FFAlive and FFRagnarok. Good luck with your site.

If you wanna make it really popular, post heintai! :mwahaha:

J/K! :hahaha;

You know whats sad? Thats probably true…

And I think FF Judgement has a nice ring to it.