FF VI (SNES Cartridge)

Hey, just wondering if anybody here may have the original SNES cartridge of Final Fantasy VI? (Preferably living in Australia), but if not, all are welcome!

Ninten :cool:

I do. :sunglasses: But I’m out in Canada.

I do too. But I’m not in Australia :frowning:

I’ve got it, but I’m in America.

I do as well, but I live in the USA as well.

Got it, in America.

Had it

Playing it right now, in Canada. :stuck_out_tongue:

Had it since Christmas '94. In America.

Why are we all foreign!?!
Ahh, oh well, E-bay has it for AU$60, I 'm thinking, anybody seen good prices??

This is a bad place to ask that since I doubt anyone here would sell their copy to you. I thought you were asking because you were interested in buying because of the Australia part, but you didn’t ask about buying so I didn’t post this earlier and just said I had it. EBay, Amazon, and local game stores that still sell SNES games would be your best bet. However, since you aren’t old enough to have any sort of card to order things online, I’d say to start looking at local stores. A Game Stop near my house usually has a couple of copies for about $30.

No, I’m not really asking for anyone to sell… nor do I expect near that, just wondering the amount of people, what it’s like?? yada yada yada, blah blah blah.

Anyways, thanks for input.

Ninten :cool:

It’s quite a lot like the rom.

I’m actually looking to sell my copy. But I can probably get a very good price for it somewhere. >-)

Oh, sorry then, my bad. Yeah, just just follow the part about where I said you could probably get it.

I’d sell mine. I have sentimental value to it, but I don’t play it any more and I have the PS version.

Ahh, no, I don’t have a PS, and don’t really plan on getting one any time soon, unless for FF VI, VII, VIII…

I’ll just follow Info’s advice I suppose, thanks!


I had two, I lost one, long ago, then found another copy in a game store nearby. So currently, I have one in my possession, and willing to sell mine, or trade for some other game, 'cause I got the PSone version as well.

No no, I have the SNES cartridge, as well as the PS disc.

I have it for FFA…grumble wish I hadn’t got it for my birthday, I only did because I had this idea that maybe a Gameshark would let me cheat over the battle with Vargas but…no such luck.

If anyone has a save on a memory card after that point and wouldn’t mind sending it too a poor kid in Texas who get past it…