FF VI Help

I just got the crystal that you are suppost trade for Rosa. Well i go to the castle, and im getting my but kicked.

Anyone know some tricks to help me through this?

Could you be a little mre especific,what monster or boss your having trouble with?

You could try the walkthrough in the RpgClassics Shrine. And I think you mean Final Fantasy IV not VI.

Otherwise, I can only really recommend spending some time levelling up and buying better equipment. Having lots and lots of healing items helps as well.

I assume you’re talkin about either a. the Magus Sisters, or b.) Valvalis. If a,then focus all of your attacks on Cindy, the middle one. Once she’s dead, the rest stay dead. If it’s Valvalis, then I can only say, JUMP, JUMP, JUMP! Heal constantly, have Cid ready to use items if neccesary, and have Cecil and Yang just wail on Val when she’s nto protected by her tornado. And that’s all I can say.

Im talking about all the creatures the the tower you go to. i have the best equipment and am lving up

What are your levels?

I had minimal trouble with most of them, and I was…errrr…over twenty. Tell me your levels and I can tell whether your too low.