FF Tactucs Stealing Things

Im tring to improve my inventory at the start of the game, by stealing better items.

Ive got 2 good thiefs in Ramza and this other person.

Any sugesstions on how to better steal things from enemys?

Cast Slow or Stop on your enemies and Haste on you, and grab from the side or behind.

I may be wrong, but I beleive lowering the enemy’s HP to the point where it will be on its knees may also increase the chance you have at stealing stuff.

I don’t think so.

Theives have great abilities, but sucky stats. Train a thief early, and make him or her another class. Ninja, if possible. If it’s a female, even better.

In my oppinion, the most important steal skills are Weapon and Acessory. You definately want to get a Blaze Gun from Balk, and the Chantage (and Defender, if you want) from Meliadoul. If your Thief/Ninja is a girl, give Chantage to her. It’ll make things much easier.

Elmdor carries a full set of Genji equipment that should definitely be stolen. He also carries the Masamune, which I believe is one-of-a-kind.

Ah, yes, forgot about those. Good to have, indeed, but a HUGE pain in the ass to get. If you decide to go for it, get his shield first.

in what order should you steal things normally

as i know stealing a sheild and a accesory both increase ure chances of sucess with other items

I think it depends more on the amount of items the enemy has left, rather than the particular items you’ve taken.

I’ve always been fond of this strategy, with Elmdor atleast:

Corner him with 4 characters, beat him down a little bit (this is AFTER you’ve taken care of his two bitches) and have character 1 (with steal) steal either his sword, so he is less annoying or his shield so his chances of blocking have lowered a little. Next, just have a hayday getting what you want from him. If you’ve got a Bard in the party as your 5th (I usually do) just have him start singing his HP boost song so Elmdor can never kill you. Steal steal steal steal. It doesnt really take that long even if your character happens to be a Knight with 2 swords (one of my fave combos for Rushdown on the enemy) with steal.

Thats how I’ve done it for 12 play throughs, works like a charm.

oh yeah, and I am in love with Agrias, dont tell Cammy… O.o

Female thieves also make better use of Steal Heart, since most of your enemies tend to be male.

Izlude, I hate stealing from him particularly (and rarely do), as my team tends to go 28 Days Later on each other thanks to Blood Suck (Unless I actually bother to equip stuff to prevent it…)