ff smilies movie

:mwahaha: oh no whats kefka planning

: :bowser: hes got alies

: :moogle: :get it?: :ah-ha!: can they win
special move meld together
goodies 99999hp
badies 999999hp

(bang bang smash smash)

ohno kefka won but wait here comes :fungah: and he saves the day

please rate 10/10 (i made it 1)

:thinking: -But… Koopa and Magus are NOT FF smilies!
:noway: -Besides, people here don’t like Smilie Theaters anymore.
::dekar!:: -That’s what they say, anyway. They think they’re too cool for them.
:ah-ha!: -Except Wilfredo, he doesn’t care what others think. He just has fun.
:victoly: -Anyway, that was good enough. Kudos!
:booster: -Why does Wil always put me in these…?

No more smiley theatre. These things are awful.