FF Prequels/ Sequels

Sure, FF7 gets 2 or 3 spinoffs, but what about the other games? Are there any FF sequels / prequels you’d like to see?

As my screen name suggests, I’m a huge FF6 fan. I’d love to see a pair of FF6 spinoffs. One could be a game about the War of the Magi. The other could be a game set 15 years before FF6, so we could see all of the origins stories play out.

Since FF6 has the oldest cast of any FF, with the average age falling in the late 20’s, They could actually pull off a pretty cool video game.

In the tradition of ripping off Star Wars royally, the world could be set in a time, where there are 4 Kingdoms; Figaro, Vector, Doma, and another one. Basically, aside from the small story, the big story would be Gestahl going from King of a country the size of Figaro, to becoming the Emperor of half the world. The Returners, would form in the game, and would be hunted down like witches, until they finally moved into their secret hiding place near South Figaro.

As for a sequel, there’s not really much left in the series. Maybe a spinoff game staring Shadow, since he’s the only character with an unresolved story in the game.

I think a decent spin-off could be made for just about any FF game 4-9. It just doesn't seem like square cares very much about what brought them to the table. Yeah, Final Fantasy 7 made the series a household name, but it wasn't an overnight success. I just wish Square would give us old fans some 2-D sequels.

Hah! After reading your post I finally figured out what FF6 has always reminded me of–Star Wars!

Good luck getting Square to release sequels/prequels for any FF game EXCEPT FF7. I’d really like to see something new in the style of 1, 3, & 5. A 3D Final Fantasy with a story similar to the three I mentioned. I really would like to experience the whole “crystals choose you, go save crystals, gain new jobs, kick bad guy’s ass, and win” type thing.

I propose an FF6 sequel which takes place 2 years after the end of the original, starring Celes, Relm, and a new girl named Darke, who wears a lot of black. And they all dress in skimpy outfits, and Relm becomes even more obnoxious than before, and Celes gains all sorts of confidence and wanders around trying to find answers to things, like, where’s my boyfriend? Maybe Locke gets kidnapped or something, or OH OH OH! Locke meets this girl that looks like Rachel and he gets all confused and shit and tries to destroy the world to be with “Rachel,” but then it turns out it’s not REALLY Locke…

Isn’t that Crystal Chronicles? or was it Mystic Quest.

I wonder why that reminds me of another FF spinoff… :no2:

I think spinoffs are overrated. FF6 and FF7 were both excellent games that were entirely complete and needed no prequels or sequels. I’d rather see original material.

FFVII has four spin-offs, if you don’t count the snowboarding phone game.
And about other FFs having spin-offs. Not sure about that.
Did you see a tech demo of FFVII shown at E3? I would love to see the remakes of FFVII and FFVI (even more so) for PS3. With a healthy dose of FMVs, of course :wink:

I think a decent spin-off could be made for just about any FF game 4-9. It just doesn’t seem like square cares very much about what brought them to the table. Yeah, Final Fantasy 7 made the series a household name, but it wasn’t an overnight success. I just wish Square would give us old fans some 2-D sequels.

Any FF sequel would be cool. By sequel I don’ t mean FFX->FFX-2, I mean serious stuff. The most interesting ones would be: 8, 6, 4, 9. And I want 3-D sequels, 4-D if possible…I’ m not the guy who plays for graphics but I think it should be given some importance. I’ ve played all pre-7 FFs and the graphics at first made me cry…but I eventually got used to it. I would like old FFs sequels to finally see the character’ s faces, too. Ah, and stories will never be totally resolved, at least for games… :mwahaha:

That’s what I’m talking about. Where’s our 3D FFVI that was promised to us way back in 1996? Or a 3D remake of FFIV, or V? Maybe they could even pull a Game Arts and add a few plot twists that weren’t there before to make it interesting.

You want your sequels to travel back in time?

I’d rather see no more spinoffs of FF games. Remember Ergheiz? Although a true sequel to FFT (PSX) would be nice

Oh yes, yes it would. Or at the very least a remake, with full stories for all the characters and an actual ending for each one.

A FF6 Remake in 3-D would be pretty awesome. Maybe add a mission or two as a nod to fans, and wrap things up a bit with the ending.

Some points I’d want taken care of in a remake:

  1. What happened to Banon? Why does he just dissapear? This always bothered me.
  2. What happens with each of the characters after FF ends? they really don’t show anything. They show maybe the day following Final Fantasy 6’s ending. I’d be curious to find out:
  • Does Shadow die? If he doesn’t, does he ever reveal himself to Relm?
  • Do Locke and Celes get married?
  • Does Sabin rejoin Edgar in Figaro, or does he rejoin Duncan in the mountains?
  • Does Cyan go about rebuilding Doma, or does he leave it dormant and move somewhere else?
  • Who the fuck is Gogo. Come on; we all wonder this. I know a lot of you will say “Gogo is just Gogo.” But there are things in the game that make me believe otherwise.
  1. They should throw in the paladin ring just as a nod to old fans.

Shadow gets his ass killed, I would presume Banon got his ass killed when Vector was turned into Kefka’s Tower (if not before, I’ve never actually stopped at Vector between the events at Thamasa and the Floating Continent), and Gogo is Adlai Stevenson.

The rest is up to imagination.

Although I just came up with a good sim idea: Coliseum Tycoon! Manage fighters, build refreshment stands, and keep the whole thing running in times of peace! images of things killing each other, and a monster running a rampage through the crowd, etc Make the most AWESOME coliseum ever, or blow it up! Because the main reason people play these games is for the DESTRUCTION they can cause!! Colisum Tycoon, only for PC and SomeLameassConsole. :smiley:

I reiterate my feeling that FF6 and FFT, despite a few unanswered questions, are entirely stand-alone games and do not require sequels. That’s what fanfics are for. Honestly, direct sequels don’t work very well with RPGs, for the simple reason that nearly every RPG has you exploring the entire world, meaning there isn’t anywhere else new to explore in the next one.

Yeah, that’s one of the best parts about the Suikoden series, that they only let you explore one country or so. But I do agree, that these games don’t need sequels. I wouldn’t mind some remakes, though.

I don’t know how I feel about remakes. Some of them I could see (FFVII for example) but for the older Sprite ones, I don’t think I would like a 3D version. I would prefer something new myself =)

Not to mention having Ultros as your assistant. I’m surprised there isn’t something like this yet, seeing as there are Tycoon games for everything from Amusement Parks to Lemonade.

Prequels? Actually, I don’ t even know how the 4th dimension is. I’ ve seen a few pics but I couldn’ t understand a thing. lol. :hahaha;
Seriously, what about prequels? Sounds interesting…

Time. The 4th dimension is Time.

This is the 4th dimension I was referring to, even if kidding…