FF overload

:moogle: I’m starting to think the FF title is about to wear. I mean look at all the FF games coming out in the next two- three years: Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII PS2, Crisis Core PSP, FF3 on DS, FF12, FF13 (there are two versions + a cell phone game, FF11 on X-box 360, a FF11 extension on PS2, Not to mention KDH3 will have FF characters in it. I just believe that it should be like it use to: one FF game released a year. Besides I dont make enough money to keep up, and if I work full time I’ll never be able to play them:(:moogle:

I don’t have a PSP and my fone is rubbish so I won’t be affected as much. My big worry is that a really bad FF comes out and ruins its rep.

Personally mate, I only count the numbered games as actually Final Fantasy games.
And only an extreme die-hard fan/fool would get every single game with Final Fantasy connections. It would just end up being too much. And way too expensive.

Which is why I’m sticking to just the numbered ones. (Well except 11, don’t like online games). Those are well spaced out, in terms of release. So gives you time to earn the money for them, and then play/complete them.

I’m getting D.O.C because I’m going through a FFVII phase right now, but I won’t touch 11. I too,aren’t fond of online games. And KH2 because I liked the first one

With the new load of FF games that are coming out it won’t be a big worry for me considering that I get my parents to buy me the games on special days or holidays, also I work to get them too!

FF XI online to me dosen’t seem really big compared to the other online games out there. Also that game seems quite expensive.