FF News Up the Wazoo!

I’m handling FF12 right now and have no time to even think of anything else. 8p theWallflower is the guy to ask about FF5, and I daresay it would probably be quite useful. :sunglasses:

Cidolfas: Speaking of FFV, I though you should about Enuo. Enuo was the first to use the Void, but he had to relinguish his immortality to accomplished this. As a result, he was defeated by the weilders of the legendary weapons and his body destoryed by the Void. However, Enou’s soul endured and retreated to the Great Forest of Mau. There, he entered a single tree and remained there since. Overtime, the tree transformed into a new vessel for Enuo to finish what he started: Exdeath.

Opinion: Overall, Exdeath’s birth is similar to Oda Nobuaga of Samurai Deeper Kyo during the “Sea of Trees” saga. Plus Exdeath’s name origin makes more sense as he is “Enuo eXceeding DEATH”.

But, to note, Enuo is to make a actual appearence in FFV Advance.

I’m going to play through FF5 Advance at some point, so if those points are in the game, I’ll find them. Otherwise, it’s speculation yet again.

EDIT: I am seriously considering buying a cheat device just for this game. I’ve been farming Bogeys (there’s only a single one which appears in Zertinan Caverns, and requires a three-minute runaround to respawn) for TWO HOURS. I’ve clocked up 40 kills, but have yet to see a SINGLE Death Powder (and I need two). This is insane, folks.

EDIT 2: OK… either Square Enix or the laws of chance are laughing their heads off at me. I built up a 48-chain of kills with no drops. Then one of my characters somehow accidentally kills a minor enemy and destroys the whole thing. Just as I’m contemplating bashing my controller against the wall, the other character beats the last Bogey… and out drops a Death Powder. With no chain at all.


Cidolfas: When Enou’s appearence in FF5 Advance is real.

But for FF7 fans, Advent Children is coming out on a Limited Edition Collector’s Set on February’07. It was include deleted scenes, Venice Film Festival footage, and the dubbed anime short feature, FF7: Last Order.

…I would like to shout out a long list of obscentities. I was hoping for that stuff when it first came out. now they’re gonna sucker me into buying another copy just so i can buy last order. Oh, they’re good, really good.

will download the new stuff when it comes out
doesn’t even try to hide it anymore

I precisely posted not long ago about the rumor that Enuo is Exdeath; I still think it’s false because when Exdeath got the power of The Void, it possessed him (if I remember the dialogue correctly) which he would’ve known would happen if he had previously obtained it. I DO remember that it was claimed Exdeath was created from a tree by the evil spirits imprisoned in a forest. Of course, the facts may have been lost in the original translation.

According to the guide, Enuo is the true last Boss of the game; he’s in the last floor of the new dungeon, accessible only after you beat the game. Beating him gives you the Necromancer Job, sends you back to the start of the dungeon, and opens the Cloister of the Dead (I believe this is the Boss Gauntlet.) This makes me doubt that Enuo is Exdeath, but of course I’ll have to see the dialogue to tell.

PS: So, Wallflower, do you need help with the new FFV Advance info?

Wilfredo Martinez: Actually, Exdeath was only possessed by Void after it remade him into a NeoExdeath as a result of losing control of it during the battle. Ironically, FFXII’s Exodus makes a reference to Exdeath’s intent in the profile

According to the Advanced Translation, Exdeath was created from a singletree deep in the Moore/Mua Forest, which the people of that world had used to seal evil spirits in for centuries, until about 30 years ago, when the tree developed it’s own sentience fromall the spirits contained within. And thus, the Warlock Exdeath was born. At no point did itsay that Enuo was one of those spirits at all. So yeah, Enuo and Exdeath are two different people, entirely.

How do the chests work in XII? In XI they ‘spawn’ in dungeons at “spawn points”. There can be 5-15 different spawn points, each dungeon is different. Once picked (either by a dungeon key or picked if you’re a Thief) they will respawn randomly in one the locations, 20 to 60 minutes later. Each chest contains a treasure pool of multiple items and gil. You’ll either get one of the items or the gil.

ValKirby Esker: Well, that would explain NeoExdeath’s look: the countless demons protruding from his body.

Here’s another not-so-fun fact about Enuo: He’s the only Boss in the Official Guide that gets no exact stats. This is ridiculous; all the other new Bosses, including Omega Mark II and Neoshinryu get descriptions and combat strategies. But the mightiest, last original Boss in the game gets only a bunch of "?"s ? I guess they wanted it to be a surprise. Hey, if I wanted surprises, I wouldn’t buy the guide to begin with, you know? I’ve seen other guides do that, too. I guess I’ll have to check Gamefaqs for that one. Pooh. >:(

Okay, I just want to know: Am I the ONLY person who finds something a little… wrong about these bosses? Like, they cheapen the original deal with Omega and Shinryu. I mean, Omega is, by definition, supposed to be the last. Shinryu is still easier than him, if you have the right equipment. Making an Omega Mk. 2 weakens the whole symbolism and impact of the thing. But maybe I’m just reading too much into this? Besides, I don;t particularly care, sicne I never fought them, anyway. Any of the four.

The chests in XII seem to work the same way. Frankly, I can’t see any point whatsoever in it, other than causing needless frustration and mindless repetition.

Current FF12 status:
Time logged in: 128 hours
Number of sidequests/bosses/marks attempted in the last 20 hours: Zero
Average level: 63
Number of characters without a completed license board: Three (almost done)
Number of areas without a complete bestiary: 4 (Henne Mines, Feywood, Pharos, Giruvegan) plus one Seeq
4 Snake Skins away from a Tournesol.
Completed Ultima Weapon and all bow, gun, and crossbow goodies.
Halfway done with Durandal and Whale Whisker.
Am FINALLY going to attempt the last three optional areas and hope to be done with this stupid game within the week.

You guys should see the sheet I wrote up and printed out for myself. It’s almost all crossed out. It’s sweet. But it won’t give me back the hours of my life I wasted doing this. I stopped having fun round about the 80-hour mark. >_<

Cid, I hope you’ve been using Embroidered Tippets - they really make the difference in levels.

The chests for 11 and 12 work a bit differently. In 11 you had one or maybe two chests for an entire area at a given time, no matter how many spawn points there were. In 12, it seemed to me like each pot spawned randomly by itself. Sometimes a dungeon would be full of treasure, sometimes empty. I haven’t tested this by any means, but it’s the sense I got playing through it. Plus, in 12 you don’t get gil or a good haul of items. You get either gil or a single item, and if it’s the item, it may or may not be a total piece of crap. And if you want the REALLY good items, you have to equip a specific accessory before opening the pot, which changes what will be inside. except, instead of maybe getting gil or a Hi-Potion OR a decent item, you might get a totally useless Knot of Rust or REALLY GOOD ITEM. However, most chests don’t even have a REALLY GOOD ITEM assigned to them, so if you equip the accessory in question, both potential items are then Knots of Rusts.

Don’t bother reading that; it’s a stupid system, and maybe if we all forget about it it will just go away.

No, I haven’t been using them, mainly because I wanted Thief’s Cuffs on one character and a Diamond Armlet on another, leaving only one guy to possible level up faster than everyone else, which wouldn’t help me much, I think. Now that I’m going to start with the new areas I just might try the Tippets, but then I’d be worried that I’d need REAL accessories (like Hermes Shoes or Bubble Belt) to help me survive. -_-

Ok, that’s it- when I play FF12 I’m NOT doing the sidequests, except the easy ones. If FF Master Cid is having so much trouble getting the damn things, I’m not about to frustrate myself trying. I play games for FUN.

Is it me, or do recent games either have too many sidequests (like Wild Arms Code F) or too difficult ones (FF12)? I used to ENJOY doing them all, blast it, but I’ve actually stopped short of the ending on some games because I wanted to finish all quests before the end, only to lose interest in the process. They didn’t use to be so hard. I wonder if game makers today think many of us have no life outside of gaming.

Val: I agree with you completely. Especially since the secret dungeon has a floor with several Omegas (Mark 1) crawling around! Sort of makes the Proof of Omega worthless, no? :thud:

my theory is, people these days have shorter and shorter attention spans, so they put more and mroe crap to do in a game to keep them hooked. Which, of course, cheapeens the main aprt of the game somewhat, but oh, well. Frankly I liked Alter Code: F’s attempts, sicne at least SOME of the stuff you did had to do with plot in that game.

FF12’s quests (so far) aren’t that hard - or rather, the worst ones aren’t hard if you have the proper equipment and levels, which requires an extremely, ridiculously huge amount of patience to get. Most of the problem is in the enormous randomness of enemy drops and the requirement to leave two screens and come back in order for enemies to respawn. And of course most of these items could never be gained without looking at an FAQ; you’d never find out exactly how the Bazaar system works (and how it gobbles up your items without warning) from the game itself.

WA:ACF’s weren’t too bad, but again, most of them required a ridiculously huge amount of leveling. I think the best sidequests are built around dungeons or have very good rewards, so you can go straight for the next sidequest after beating the current one. I hate ones that are just straight boss fights, because one never knows which order to do them in. The lack of solid reward is the most frustrating thing about FF12 - see my rant about treasure chests above.

Another update: I’ve unlocked Tournesol, and purchased a shiny new Durandal and Masamune. Now I just need another 400,000 gil before I can finally get started with the actual quests. Apparently there’s a place where I can get that in under an hour, so… back to the grinding.

Oh, nope. I can´t stand grinding. If I wanted to watch numbers rise by the minute or sth like that, I’d blow away hours by playing Tetris. A quick definition of boredom for me is forced leveling up, “random” item hunts and the MMO thingy, where the game plays as if someone cast ‘Slow’ at you, the moment you pressed start. Oh, add slow/“shiny” battle interfaces to that. And really obvious fetch quests. And…:dancer: :dancer: :wink: