FF News Up the Wazoo!

Jeez, it’s slow on the board, and look at all the Final Fantasy stuff being announced. New Revenant Wings trailer. FF6 Advance on the way. A remake of FFT for the PSP. A sequel to FFTA. Ivalice Advance. New Crisis Core trailer. FF13 Versus Trailer premiere. FF12 is out. FF3 is out. FF5 Advance is out. What’re you doing? Sleeping? What are ya, a bunch of weenies? Isn’t any of this exciting? Are you sleeping off the egg nog? Are you getting FF’d out from the remakes and games for mini-systems you don’t own?

Dear lord, tell it to stop! X-X
We’re going to need more staffers at this rate.

I wouldn’t care so much if FF12 was a normal-sized game, but I’m 107 hours into it and still haven’t done everything I want to do (I have no intention of beating the 30-million-HP boss, but I want to at least take a look at it, and I’d like to beat everybody else). I caught a glimpse at the strategy guide and it’s at least 600 pages long. X-X

Brave man, Cid. I threw up my hands when I hit level 84 and went to beat the final boss with a good number of hunts left undone and three summons ignored.

You did better than me I only made it to 64-65 when I beat the game.

Well, I’m at the 45-46 on FFXII. Also, FF7: Before Crisis is coming to the US as well. the FFT game is titled “Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War”

I’m now at 111 hours and I’m still level 58/59. 8-( But I do have ten Espers and all but three hunts finished, and a nice chunk of the rare monsters, too. I’m steadily working on completing as much of the Clan Primer as is reasonably possible and useful (i.e. I don’t care about getting all the Entites, since their unlocked content seems to be all the same). Man I wish someone had already dumped that to text, it’d save me a lot of time. 8-( I’m not looking forward to repeating the Mandragora battle 14 times! X-X I’m also working closely from a loot FAQ to try and get the ultimate weapons (I’m about 2/3 there, probably).

The one thing, the one absolutely awful thing, that really ticked me off about this game is the random chests. Seriously, you’re exploring a damn hard dungeon, one you don’t really want to come back to, and rather than rewarding you, the game gives you only a chance that a chest will exist, then only a tiny chance that the chest will hold something useful, then only a 50/50 chance that it’ll be the thing you want. Sorry, that’s past the realm of challenge and into sadism. Ditto for the insanely minute drop rate and the randomness of the rare monsters even showing up . Did tri-Ace people sign on to this game or something?

Err, how do you spell overwhelmed? 10 games. How many years did it take for the FF franchise to reach 10 games? Personally I channel my spare time in Suikoden and reeading.

111 hours and still going? Keep on, Cid!

:scream:ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!! I’m only less then twenty hours into the game, and I had it a week after it came out. Maybe because I broke my PS2 controller! Why me, why did I have to go and throw the controller at the T.V screen?

I finished FFXII at level 98 or so, clocked over 120 hours (that’s not very accurate, though)… I absolutely wanted to get the Tournesol before the end, but since I started to gather the appropriate loot late in the game, I ended up getting it at level 97. :stuck_out_tongue: Zodiark is the only esper I didn’t get. I gave up after numerous tries.

Did you do the Seer hunt yet, Cid? This has to be the most ridiculous hunt ever. >.>

I’m 2 hours into it, and I got it the day it came out. Every time I go to play it, I fall asleep. :frowning:

I think I would be a little more excited about this FF stuff flood if I actually had the money to buy them all, not to mention the systems they’re coming out on. I currently own only a PS2 and GBA (though my nephew is getting a DS for Xmas- I made a deal with him to share our portables so we can play each other’s games.)

And those comments about the length and difficulty of FF12 are NOT encouraging me to pick it up… I think I’ll buy the guide, read ALL of it (I enjoy doing that, anyway) THEN decide if I’ll buy the game. To be honest I’m more excited about the FFV GBA remake. We’ll see…

I’m slowly warming up to the idea of getting FFXII… right now I’m playing FFIV on my GBA emulator… I didn’t have the cash to get the actual system cause I’m trying to save for a PS3…

A little perspective ~ FFXI’s Thief Knife:

Drops off a monster that spawns once every 1 hour to 18 hours after it last dies
The drop rate of the Thief Knife is…a whopping 1% chance
There are generally between 4 and 20 people competing against you to claim the monster

Edit: Oh - that’s him in my avatar. 0/40 now :thud:

At least the Thief Knife is soloable at the right level… some other encounters require forming a party, and THEN camping against others after waiting several hours.

And, to contribute more to this topic, FFXII was a good game, but I expected more. Beat the game with my guys around 76-77, all hunts but the final one Yizamat, and did not beat Omega, all Espers.

All I can say is… SE shouldn’t have rushed it. I heard rumors there was a lot of content cut, most likely to reach PS2s before the PS3 came out, hereby making their game obsolete. And, while they are just rumors, it shows. It just felt… incomplete.

Just my two cents.

Dear lord, now I’m scared to pick up FF12 - at least I’d get my money’s worth with all that there is to do!

That random chest thing sounds a bit like the Omega Ruins from FF10, but even more evil…

Don’t ever pick up chests in FFXII. The vast majority are garbage, a waste of time and until you get the Zodiac Spear, you risk not getting it.

I agree with Sin. The only treasure I bothered with was the Excalibur, which was particularly annoying. I, like most people, failed at getting the Zodiac Spear.

Yep, I failed at the Spear as well. I personally find treasure chests one of the most exciting things about RPGs, so the emasculation of them really bugged me.

I haven’t done the Seer, Ixion, King Bahamut or Yiazmat hunts. I’ve done the rest.

By the way, those folks who haven’t picked it up or just started, don’t fret: you can easily finish the game in about 50-60 hours. Everything else is totally extra and unnecessary. Except for us poor sods who have to include everything in a website. X-X Now’s the time I wish I had a Gameshark…

And what do you mean, Square CUT content? This is already probably the biggest game I’ve ever played! O_o

I don’t know if they cut content or not but I found the story disapoingly short and the characters flat. There’s little development of anything or anyone. Penelo and Basch are practically inexistant, Ashe is a walking ball of breathy, indecisive angst they could’ve developed her relationship with the prince and played a lot with the meaning of power, the consequences of the abuse of power and all that jazz, but they didn’t, Vaan has a little development, but it stops mid game When he says he doesn’t want vengeance at that idiotic tribe thing, Fran is ALMOST addressed but they say nothing about her you go to her village, its all mysterious, nothing is revealed and Vaan asks a question to get the ball rolling and nothing happens and then there’s Balthier, who is very cool but doesn’t evolve at all. At best, the game reached for drama but it didn’t catch it. For example, the whole thing between Basch and his twin, that had a lot of potential, you could build a lot of emotion, hate, jealousy, misunderstanding; they develop his twin more than they develop Basch himself, where he was, what he did, why he did it and how that contrasts with his twin and led to the problems that they have, and what the meaning is when he takes over for his twin in the end and wears his armor to protect Larsa. Overall, this really feels like something was cut somewhere.

Its a Deus Ex Machina series of fetch quests, which is a shame considering how good the presentation and delivery is despite some of the flaws (illusion its not linear - argh - and the damn chests).

Yeah, sounds like the material they cut out of the game was the character development. Well, not every RPG has to be a moving experience, if the gameplay is fun (unfortunately from what you people say that’s not much fun either.)

Anyway, I made up my mind: today I went to buy the Official FF12 guide but could not find it (must’ve sold out) so I bought the FFV Advance one instead, which means that’ll be my next game. I’ll still play 12 some day, if only because I’m such a FF freak, but I’m not in a hurry to now.

Cid: now that I have the Official FFV guide, I could describe the additions (the new Jobs and New Dungeons) for the Compendium if you wish. Assuming you don’t have someone working at that right now, of course. :slight_smile: