FF: Mystic Quest

So I sat down and played through Mystic Quest again last night and this morning (which is elevated from a decent game to a freaking awesome game with the frameskip on high), and I noticed that, during the ending credits, they mention that it was “Translated” by Ted Woolsey. It was always my impression that the game was made by the US division of Square (and that Kaeli was even named after one of the employees of Square Soft USA). Anyone know what’s up with this?

If you notice, most of the programming credits etc. are Japanese. So while I don’t know the exact details, I know it definitely wasn’t just a Square USA undertaking. Either they imported Square Japan talent, or it was actually made in Japan for a USA market.

Another vague possibility is that Ted translated it to Japanese for the “FF USA” release. Though why they’d include that in the MQ release is a little nonsensical.

Well, most of the Square USA office then (and the Square Enix USA office now) consists of Japanese people… but you may be right.

I agree with Saturn, credits in game’s and manuals for the Localistions for Square Enix -Europe, several of the lead members are Japanise names.