FF music on iTunes


Finally! For all those sick of having the choice of

  1. importing FF CDs for the same price of buying an entirely new game; or
  2. downloading them illegally,

you now have an entirely legal option of downloading albums from iTunes at a fraction of the cost of the original CD. At least, I assume it is based on the fact that regular albums are half the cost to download from iTunes than they are to buy in-store. I don’t actually use iTunes (I use Puretracks.com, the other Canadian online store that doesn’t require you to use proprietary software to download with) so if anyone here does, let us know how neato it is. :sunglasses:


Makes me wish my speakers worked.

They have the original soundtracks to ALL the Final Fantasy’s, including XI, and two CD’s by The Black Mages. Prices vary. Seems kewl.

What about Dragon Quest, Ys, Star Ocean, Seiken Denstsu, or any other RPG music? Any word there?

My guess is that they are using Final Fantasy music to test the market for video game soundtracks. Who knows what may happen if they sell a lot…

With Final Fantasy music being popular, this is a good money-making machine.

Sad, but true.

Anyways, I have no use for this service as I already have everyone of those. I guess it’s cool for those that are starting to get into the series.

I just bought the FFVI Album. 61 songs. $17.99. Ah, sweet FF.

I didn’t even know there WAS an FF3j OST.

I think it’s pretty neat that they included the 8 bit and 16 bit OSTs in their original forms, rather than saying that they “weren’t music” because of the limitations of the systems the songs were composed on.

It depends on what one wants. If you’re mostly into the music and do not care about the packaging and liner notes, this is probably the best option. I personally prefer the real imports, as some of the packaging is really beautiful.

Edit: I notice they are also cheaper than the real physical soundtracks. It’s likely best for those who don’t feel like cashing in more money. However, I see a slight problem with pricing, every track is at .99$, which is great but I think paying .99$ for the 10 second jingles is a bit of a rip-off =/

DG, getting the album as a whole is a lot cheaper. $17 for the 60-track FF6 soundtrack, for example.