FF: Legends Plot

CLOSING MUSIC: LOOP, by Maaya Sakamoto (Tsubasa: RC)

Gale Drakesbane was a young boy, bored of his current life in his hometown. He is the son of the acclaimed hero Sir Drakesbane. But Gale’s passion is to see the world was nothing more than a dream. But one day, Gale’s life changes, when a he witnesses a young girl decending from the sky. He takes her to his home and attempts to care for her until the Sky Pirates of the airship Raigahart arrived to his town for repairs. Also are the Empire’s anti Sky Pirate Squad. Soon enough, Gale found himself in middle of a war in which he absolutely has no desire to be involved in, having the ride of his life with his newfound love, his dreams, and the freedom he always wanted as he learns his part in it is pre-destined…

Hayate de Eskidar is of the branch of the Imperial Family Esikandar. The son of the Imperial family’s “shield and halbred”, Hayate serves the empire relucantly as one of the Grand Cross Four. He pursues the Raigahart, one of the last pirate airships in the sky, to regain Cybelle restore his father’s honor as well as his own. As a result, he and Gale are but two winds. When the two winds collide, the world will change forever…


Age: 16
Job: Swordsman
The hero of the story, a young man who desires a adventure and see the world. That day occurs when he finds Cybele…

Age: 16
Job: ???
A pale young girl with Aqua hair and lavender eyes, she seem distant and awkward to other people - she has trouble communicating with other humans and understanding their feelings. She tends to appear randomly next to people, startling them at times. Initially, she suffers from frequent headaches and constantly fatigued while in a state of depression. She is tied to the Society’s ultimate goal.

Sarah Altani Xandros
Age 16
Job: Kigen White Artist, Sky Pirate

A former princess of the desert kingdom of Khemisa, which attempted to defend itself sent in the military to put it down. The war lasted seven years until the Emperor had enough and tired of the endless conflict, ordered a brigade of their new Slayer super soldiers. In the aftermath, the city came under the control of the Baron. She joined the Raigahart crew. She is cheery, though its a mask to cover her sadness.


St. Rasul Al-Masih:
Age: 30
Job: Kigen-Master, Summoner

A holy man, the patron high priest of Khemisa. He is able to feel the world, a kind hearted man who knows the events to occur, yet allows them to unfold as these “are meant to occur”. He mysterious dissappeared after the destruction of the desert kingdom during the war. Only to resurface years later. Strangely enough, despite his occupation as a priest, he barely reflects any religious point of view.

RACES (2 so far)

  • Hume: The Basic race.

  • Bandaoru: A human-like race of mystics that dwell in isolation from the “outer world” to live in a dream of peace. Their ways were the gentle ways of natural wizards, inheirting the knowledge of the Kigen and the Summoning Arts. Yet now, their numbers dwindled recently, the eldery numbly rehearsing the ancient ways in a blur of forgetfulness and the youngful wishing to see the “outer world”.

  • Arugwa: A Orge-like tribe.

Kigen Arts: A multipurpose fighting style, those who practice the KigenArts make use of the matter around and the Mana within him/herself. Misjudging the ideal ammount of Mana needed to use can be catastrophic.

  • Ki-Firaja: The pyrokinetic ability to create and control fire, this fighting style focuses on a quick and ferocious offense with few defensive moves. This style is one unique Kigen Styles as the one who uses it actually uses internal body heat to manifest the flames, making it risky to some unable to master it. Those who are well-skilled enough can create highly-efficient blue flames and master the stronger Ki-Flarega.

  • Ki-Wateja: The hydrokinetic ability to create and control water, this fighting style focuses on slow movements and elegant forms that evoke the feel of flowing water.
    It is one of the difficult moves to master as the nature of water changes and so the amount of Mana must be change to keep in rymthm. Those who are well-skilled enough can thermokinetic abilities to freeze the water they manipulate at will to master the Ki-Blizarrga.

  • Ki-Aeroja:

  • Ki-Quakja:


Khemisa: A vast desert county, known for its abundance of Zoil, one form of fuel used in the world. Though the Empire has a token presence since the Khemiser Royal Family being upsurped, it is actually under the control of the “Baron”, a cruel and cunning man who provides them Zoil from the Sandsea. But within the Grand Sandsea, lies ancient beasts who are worshipped by those who dwell within the desert, calling them the “Eternals”, or the “Lords of Sand”.

This is all original, correct? Interesting. Let’s face it, we all wish we could make our own game or anime, either with stablished characters, new ones, or both. In fact, an old project of mine is creating my own FF universe as well, an original setting with versions of characters from all the games inserted in it. In fact I already have the thing plotted out, but I’ll post it after I’m done with my other project (The RPGC Universe.) Good Luck with yours, Fractyl!

Huh… AN adaptation of the old FInal Fantasy Legends games for Gameboy. Interesting. I’d always though the first game elft a lot open to interpretation… I’m curious to see where this goes.

Wilfredo Martinez: Well, I am reusing old FF elements like the Kigen Arts(FFU). But using the asian elements from Avatar (India’s Chakra, Chinese/Japanese Chi/Ki) with a bit of “One is All, All is One” Alchemy symbolism (FMA) and a few Kabbal aspects(the Sefiroph) to redevelop the Kigen arts. But I got a KH rewrite project before I can start this story.

ValKirby Esker: Nothing like FF: Legend. Different story, though at a early glimpse one would think “FFXII & FFX-2 blended with Erueka Seven” plot-wise. But the presence of a cult upsets that…

RaigaHeart Crew: Air Pirates

Rio Zephir: Age 24
Bio: The young leader of the Air Pirates fighting the goverment’s tyranny, he was a former soldier of the very goverment. He’s captain of a airship. Though then tends to act cool, Hayate frequently loses his temper when a situation turns bad, or when faced with insubordination. He is captain of the Raigaheart.

Personality: Cool, clever, manipulative, with a dry wit. But despite acting like a jerk, he’s kind hearted.
Weapon: Sword, firearms, smoke-bombs
Design: In Work

  • Attire: Similar to Leon’s KH-1 attire, though in blood-red.

Kitt: Age 19
Bio: Rio’s recon specialist, from the Raijin Ninja clan.
Personality: Cheery. She is very naïve, which makes her seem like an air-head and a ditz.
Weapon: Kunai, Fists
Design: In work.

Mid: Age 26
Bio: Rio’s Airship Pilot/Technician
Persona: He serves as the Raigaheart’s mechinic, fixing pretty much everything that the others manage to break. He has a valuable part keeping things in an usable condition. His appearence is a little childish, as he acts ten years younger. A bit obbessed when it comes to mecha, especially if he made it.

Weapon: In work, but machine related

Parsifa Swain: Age 24
Bio: An uncover spy, she has intelligence connections. She was originally a flower girl before met Rio, whom she felt feelings for. At the first half of the series, she had long hair and wore a dress. After Towards the middle of the series, Swain cuts her hair and wears a different outfit.

Personality: Motherly, has feelings for Rio.
Weapon: Lances
Design: In Work
Hair: Blonde

As an aside why are they all that young? For console rpg standards 19 tends to be the age of the oldest hardened veterans, granted. I actually enjoyed that part in Zelda:Majora’s Mask (I think) where everyone considered you a kiddo and didn’t allow you to do anything.

It’d be fun seeing an rpg where your 25 y/o hero would serve coffee to his higher in command.

Ruu Sephiros:
Age: Looks 20 (Actually 35)
Job: Kigen-Master, Summoner

Ruu Sephiros: One of the three students of a great Kigen Master. He was considered the most talented out of the three and their master had high hopes for him. But Ruu, however, saw this favoring as a stepping stone for his actual desire - power. Their teacher saw that Ruu was a lost cause unfit because his lack of moral judgement and disregard for the well-being of others. In fact, Ruu believes that humans must be killed, since they weren’t in-touch with nature and were destroying it. When the “less faithful” Rasul was selected to be heir, RuU was droive over the edge.

Mad with jealousy and hatred of being chosen by a lesser man, Ruu found himself in a forgotten lair with forbidden knowledge which he used to summon the countless demons his former-mentor banished. He then had them enter his body in exchange for the forbidden arts with which he could achieve his goal and obtained the power he long desired to do it. Thus the countless enities were bound together in a form with Ruu’s black soul serving as a connector. This resulted in rebirth of Ruu Sephiros as a master of the Forbidden Kigen Arts and founder of the Harbringer Cult. With his new-found power, Ruu Sephiros challenge his former-mentor to a battle. The two were evenly matched, but Myrddinus sacrificed his life to killl Ruu Sephiros with the “Death Seal”. However, because he mastered the five elements, Ruu barely survived and he then retreated to regenerate from his injuries.

  • Design: His appearence borders on inhuman, having very pale skin, long silvery white hair, slitted blood-red eyes, vampirish-teeth, and an extending, snake-like tongue.
  • Weapon: A Zwiehander-style sword, like Sounga from the Inuyasha movie.

Oniwaka: A Aurgwa forced in Rasul’s service. He is arrogant and prideful in personality.
Design, Human form concept: Mugen (Samurai Champloo)
Design, True form concept: Momotaros (Kamen Rider Den-O)
Warrior Code: A combination of Bushido & Kilingon culture.

The Esikandar Empire

Hayate del Esikandar: Member of the Branch House of Esikandar, pursing the Raigahart to regain his family’s honor. The opposite of Gale in terms of persona. He was well-mannered with good intentions, but can often be blinded to the reality of a given situation due to his stubborn attitude and pessimistic outlook.

  • Quote: If you refuse to withdraw, than I won’t be held accounted for what will become of you.

    Kouaki al Esikandar: Member of the Imperial House of Esikandar and one of the four Lords of the empire’s elite group, the Juizestre. She seems to take great pleasure in the punishment inflicted on her cousin Hayate and may hold designs on the throne currently occupied by her older brother.
  • Quote: Any who harbor traitors to the crown shall face its wrath.

Ryuugo: The mysterious man who serves the Empire as the emperor’s advisor. A very influential, and charismatic individual, his true intent is a mystery and tied to the darker secrets of the Empire.

Council of Zophias: The main authority under the Emperor and tutors of his “pure-bloodline” successors. It consists of at least five, which directly oversees the Empire’s wellbeing, officially in the name of current Emperor most of the time. They effectively keeps the citizens of the Capital in blissful ignorance. However, they see Ryuugo as a potential threat due to something hunting the Head of the Council. The Councils holds more secrets as well.

Wow. Nice work, but from the thread name I thought this was about the Final Fantasy Legend series (I have them, but part 3 keeps getting stolen darnit!)

Khalbrae: Thanks, The Esikandar Empire’s meant to be a combination of the western and eastern designs.

Esikandar: Founder of the Esikandar royal family, the empire’s current rulers. One hundred years ago, Esikandar started the great war and established the empire as a world power. He died of natural cases, refered by his enemies as the “Tyrant King”. Nothing else is known as this time.