FF IV - Zeromus


I got home from work last night determined to defeat Zeromus. I used a combination of the above tactics. It still took me a few tries though.

First I leveled up my characters to around lv 65. I tried to find the Pink Puffs, but no luck.

I entered the battle and had Edge steal the DkMatter. Rosa cast shell on the party, then Cecil used the crystal.
I had Kain jump every turn (pathetic excuse for a Dragoon).
Cecil attacked every turn.
Edge threw everything but the kitchen sink. (Good thing I bought about 10 extra Fumas.)
Rydia cast Ashura every turn.
And Rosa alternated between casting Cure4 and Shell when needed.

He still beat me up pretty good a few times though. That was hard.

Now I need to decide whether to play FF5 next or Crono Trigger.

Not really. If you equip the right weapons and armor, he can have high stats for both black and white magic. I actually had fun with it, and baught a bunch of different equipment before I got him. I tried different combinations, and eventualy came up with FoSoYa’s will and wisdom up to the early 70’s, allowing him do do tons of damage with attack spells.

Eh, FuSoYa is a transitional character, anyway. He’s not meant to be anything special.

Besides, Cain is way cooler.

Dave - FF5 is fun. Play it, but remember:

Bartz is Butz
Reina is Lenna
Krile is Cala (Or Kururu)

Those are the purist names that I use. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed, Kain is way cooler than FuSoYa.

I’d say that the PSX version of FFIV is probably the best so far. No offense to the guys who diligently translated the ROM, but Square did a pretty damn good job themselves. What’s more, it doesn’t have the terrible load times that plague FFV and VI on PSX.

It doesn’t have terrible load times?

It takes like 10 minutes to either save or load your game!

Roms are a good thing :smiley:

Although FF Origins was much improved, in my opinion.

Saving and loading are the only load times on FFIV for PS. On FFV and VI, there’s about 3 minutes wait before and after battles, as well as before and after you enter your menu screen.

FF6 for the SNES was great, but the one on the PS1(FFAnthology) was almost slugish, and the music was kind of choppy.


Something to look forward to.

Well, at least it’s not Chrono Trigger PS1…

What do you mean?

Lol. Look! An enemy! Shall we fight it? walk up to enemy … … … Uhh, are we gonna fight it, or are we just gonna stand here? … … … Hello? … … … Ummm… battle starts Aha, here we go! fight, fight, battle ends … … … So uh, are we gonna keep walking now? Or do we enjoy just standing around in this sewer?

For some reason, the load times went down to about 20 seconds when I tilted the PSOne on it’s side, just making it lean against something. Still a royal pain in the ass but at least it was more bearable.

Was it a PSOne (small model) or just a regular Playstation (old model)?

Isn’t that supposed to be the hardest fight in FF? I think some nerds did some research and it turned out to be the hardest f–ken’ boss in FF as a whole… I’ve also got chronicles.

Well, I thought it was pretty damn hard. But it is also because you don’t have the crazy summons and attacks for 9999x4 that you get in the later FF games.

I think the battle with Omega Weapon in FF8 was probably harder.