FF in wikipedia

I had no idea that they listed video games in en.wikipedia.org. i was on there the other day researching the cold war and stumbled upon Breath of Fire, Suikoden and FF pages, among many others. They give good backgrounds, and information, it’s pretty neat. I was pretty shocked to be reading about Chrono Trigger in such an…informative way :stuck_out_tongue:

I <3 Wikipedia. They have pages on things you would not believe.

They dedicated a whole article to Magus, very good job.

Wikipedia lists everything!
Or almost everything, with you being able to add the rest.

It stands out as the only place where particle physics and homestar runner get equal billing (almost) :smiley: It doesn’t have the level of info that FFC has on Final Fantasy (then again, that’s hardly an insult) but it’s well ahead on many series inc. Streetfighter, Tekken and others. :slight_smile:

The Wikipedia is definitely one of my favorite sites. Very useful and sometimes very entertaining.

Forget WorldBook encyclopedia, that site rocks. It’s very hard to find such information elsewhere. Some very good articles to look at are the ones focusing on ROMs. It gives a nice history on how they came up, why they’re popular, info on abandonware, why/when they are illegal, SONY vs. Emulators, the nature of hacks…

It’s very educational.

I also seem to remeber seeing the FFCompendium being a popular link in the Final Fantasy Articles.

It would seem that it could be considered a benchmark of notoriety : If you are documented in Wikipedia, then you are interesting enough to have been documented at one time

Now if only they would join forces with Oxford English Dictionary, then truly EVERYTHING in english would be documented, or so at least it would seem