FF I & II to come out on GBA?

Yes it’s on Nintendo’s webpage if you are wondering. I personally found out about it in my recent Nintendo Power magazine. I just hope they release VI if they are able to. Unfortunately there is not a great deal of information on it as of yet.


It already got released in Japanese.

Yah but wern’t they re-released on Wonderswan for handheld? And wouldn’t this be a re-re-release?

Oh God, not another re-re-re-re-x100 thing again. Although I’d love to see them both come out over here, I know someone would be like “no it’s gonna be re-#-released!” and it’ll go back and forth.

Didn’t we already hear about this?

Yeah, like 5 or 6 months ago.

I wanna know about Mother >:(

Heh, yeah no kidding, when are the going to bring earthbound on GBA to the US?

So the first FF1 and 2 were on NES (or fancom for you picky bastards)

Then they re-released it on wonderswan

then they re-re-released it on PSX

now there re-re-re-releasing it on GBA

I really hope the re-re-re-re-release it in half ass 3d on gamecube

Maybe it was the merge with enix which made them need more money causing them to release the same game 4 times

You’re forgetting two releases: The FF1+2 NES release, and the MSX releases. That makes this the sixth incarnation of the game.

woh, a re-re-re-re-re-re-release,

but what was the MSX release?

Man, thats enough rereleases to give a person cancer.

FF 1 & 2 were released on PSX, so, being an owner of a PS2, I’m more concerned about FF3j, because that game are teh roxxors joo.
And I wouldn’t mind Mother back out, either.


is the king of picky bastards

Anyway, yes, this is old news, but the good news about this re-release is that it’s going to add more stuff (like new dungeon(s), storyline stuff, etc.), so it’ll probably be more of a remake than a rerelease.

Well, the japanese rom got dumped, if anyone wants to try and discover new story or dungeons just yell at me or Epic.

Wasn’t there a Cellphone release too? O_o

I think that’s for the FF7 prequel about the Turks.

No, there was a cellphone release. Only in Japan, of course.